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I am a Master of the methods of the Law of Attraction,
otherwise known more recently as, "The Secret"

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DEBORAH LYNN11, as I am professionally known, have had a lifelong interest in the unseen world and the path of the soul. Born with the PSYCHIC SPIRITUAL GIFTS OF CLAIRAUDIENCE & CLAIRVOYANCE, I also enjoy the rare combination of both Cherokee Indian and Celtic heritages.

I have also spent considerable time STUDYING AKASHIC RECORDS & THEIR INTERPRETATION with the well-known Akashic Reader, Donna Fox. These records are considered to be a universal filing system which records every occurring thought, word, and action.

In addition to NUMEROLOGY, CHANNELING SPIRIT & READING AKASHIC RECORDS, I have been gifted in reading the energy taking shape in a person's life. My psychic readings include names of people in the past, present and future, from both the earthly and spiritual realms. I can provide insight on a variety of topics, including LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS, CAREER, FINANCE, and more.

I have done psychic readings for over 30 YEARS and have completed psychic readings for over 44,000 INDIVIDUALS during this time. These abilities, used in tandem with Numerology, bring the power and knowledge to identify an individual's Soul purpose and journey. Helping others address issues on this path is my true joy and life purpose.

I am also very comfortable with public speaking, which has allowed me to share my vast knowledge through various workshops, my most recent being, "YOUR NAME SAYS IT ALL", held at Expos for Psychics. I also wrote an ARTICLE, which has been published September 2008 in Edge Magazine, pertaining to Numerology.


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