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Murphy’s Law No More: An interview with Deborah Lynn11

By Tim Miejan from the February 2011 issue of the Edge

It was summer, a couple of years ago, when I first heard her story. I listened for hours to the heartbreak and the sadness, of a drug-using, alcoholic father who taught his own children to steal from department stores. The mother whose strictness drove her daughter to tune out in front of the television set, mindlessly eating to feel good about herself. And then, many hours later, I learned about the transformational joy and bliss that has risen like a phoenix out of a highly dysfunctional childhood.

Twin Cities psychic Deborah Lynn11, once an aimless pawn pushed back and forth between two parents who were ill-equipped to parent at all, is now sharing her very personal story of how her devotion to spirituality has helped her to overcome all of that — and much more — in her book Murphy’s Law No More, which will debut at the Twin Cities Psychic Symposium on Feb. 26, 2011 at Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center, MN.

“My story is a journey from dysfunction to wellness,” the preface to her book reads. “What I will share with you is one woman’s story, but it also is yours. No matter how hard the challenges in your life seem to be, you can overcome them. And in doing so, you will be a much stronger person.”

I spoke with Deborah Lynn11 about her personal transformation.

Q. "Deborah, your early story is one of great family dysfunction. Can you give our readers a taste of what life was like for you as a young girl?"

A. "I was in a world of two different places. My father taught me to be streetwise and do everything I was not supposed to do, and my mom was the opposite. It was a world where I had what I thought was a fun Dad. He was the one I felt I should cozy up to, because he let me do whatever I wanted. In my eyes, Dad was the one who really loved me. He let me play and do the things that he thought were fun.
I thought of my mother as a Hitler, a dictator, and someone who I felt hated me because she was so strict. I was never allowed to go and do anything with my friends. I could never go to movies and do things with the other kids. It was all work, work, work — torture.

Q. "What was the result of this young girl who had one parent with very strict guidelines and the other parent with no guidelines? What kind of young adult did it create?"

A. "It caused me to run away at a young age, because I was torn. Oh my God, what am I doing here? What do I do? I felt like I had to get away from the situation, because I was going crazy. It caused me to have really dysfunctional habits.

Q. "And how did your relationships play out?"

A. "I was comfortable with dysfunction.

Q. "What was the turning point in your personal transformation?"

A. "I was realizing that my bad habits were hurting me and my daughter.

Q. "Ultimately, how were you able to extract yourself from the energy of the past and move forward in a new direction?"

A. "I totally removed myself from the past. I moved to Minnesota and totally removed myself from all the dysfunction, the unhealthy habits that I had acquired since I was a child. By losing all of my family, I was forced to look at myself. I lost my Dad in 1987 and my Mom and husband in 1993, and then my older sister in 1998. I had no one else to turn to but myself. When you have nobody else in your life, you’re forced to look at yourself. And I realized, “Oh my God, what have I done?” You learn a lot about self-awareness when you are in solitude.

Q. "Are tendencies from the past still within you, and if so, what is the secret to not going back and reliving old patterns?"

A. "Yes, I do have habits from the past that still plague me. One is food, because food represents my fun, the way that I love myself. The way I avoid those habits is to get out of myself and realize that thinking is dangerous. If you sit around and think about the things you need to do, they won’t get done. Just do what needs to be done. It is important for me to motivate myself to get up and do things.

Q. "What role did your intuitive gifts play in finding a new direction?"

A. "I’ve always been intrigued by the metaphysical world and what it entailed and how it worked. How did people become psychic? I’ve always had a craving to learn that. The key is to follow your passion, and that’s what I did.

Following my passion was instrumental in helping me move forward, away from the dysfunction I had grown up with. I learned that nothing is by mistake. When I focused on the spiritual world, I realized that everything that I was handed was in perfect order. We come here to planet Earth to learn lessons. Life is about choices. I realized I could choose to live in a world of fear and negativity, or I could choose to live in a world of love and protection. To be in the world and not of it. That involves raising your level of consciousness and realizing that there is love and protection around us at all times, even though we cannot see it. You are never alone.

Q. "Why did you choose to write Murphy’s Law No More?"

A. "A couple of years ago a psychic told me, “You have an idea for a book.” And I said, “You’re right. I’ve been putting it off.” And he told me I needed to get more serious about writing this book. When I moved from Southern California to Minnesota, I knew I needed to write a book about the perils I had experienced in my life, because by sharing them I could help the world.

Q. "Who is your intended audience for Murphy’s Law No More?"

A. "This book is for women from the ages of mid-20s on up, especially those who feel persecuted and damned because of what has happened to them in their lives.

Q. "What do you hope to leave your readers with when they finish your book?"

A. "I want to leave them feeling inspired and uplifted. I want to help them realize that we’re on this planet to learn lessons and that we can choose to live in the spiritual realm while here in these bodies. I want them to know that life is a miracle and that it is important to face your fears.

Q. "What was the gift for you in going back into the past so you could share it with us?"

A. "I learned how much I have really grown and transformed spiritually. It has been a total metamorphosis.

Q. "Would you suggest that our readers do the same, go back and explore the gifts they received in their upbringing?"

A. "Yes. It is not an easy process, however. Make sure you have a confidante, someone with whom you can express your fears and pain. Someone who will listen and give you the nurturing that you need. Compassion. It may not be a parent or a sibling, but a friend who loves and supports you.

Q. "At the beginning of our talk, you shared what life was like for you as a young girl. Please give us a sense of what it is like for you now."

A. "I’m living life here on Earth, as it is in my heaven, in total peace and tranquility. I’m comfortable with my space. I’m responsible, having removed all of my unhealthy habits — except for the food. I have a beautiful home of my home in Stillwater. I was fated to be here. In moving to Minnesota, and coming over the St. Croix River bridge, I heard a very loud psychic message that said, “Welcome home.” For years I had a yearning within to visit St. Croix in the Virgin Islands. I kept thinking, “I need to go to St. Croix.” I had never realized there also was a St. Croix River.

When I heard the message, “Welcome Home,” booming as I crossed the river, I had a déjà vu experience. I saw myself on the St. Croix River as a Native American Indian, standing up in a canoe fishing with a spear. I knew intuitively that it was me, and that I was, indeed, home.

Q. "What do you say to the woman who is impressed with what you’ve done in your life, but she doesn’t see any way out of her situation?"

A. "If you keep saying you won’t, then you won’t. Have an open mind that if you really want to do something, you will. When there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s a mindset. It’s the universal law of attraction: “As you think, so shall it be.”

Q. "Because you are a psychic, I must ask, do your guides have any specific messages to our readers right now?"

A. "The “11″ in 2011 is about balancing. The scales are balancing and the world is rejuvenating. We’re going back to the land of plenty. Toss all fear aside.

Q. "Finally, what message do you want to leave our readers with, pertaining to your new book, Murphy’s Law No More?"

A. "Don’t judge yourself so harshly. We’re all human. We all make mistakes. Forgive yourself. Learn that the more you forgive yourself for your mistakes, the closer you are to the Light, to God. The more you can really love yourself, the closer you are to God.
Deborah Lynn11′s new book, Murphy’s Law No More, will be available at her booth at the Twin Cities Psychic Symposium on February 26,2011 at Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center, MN. The book also is available at or call 651.439.5337.
Copyright © 2011 Tim Miejan. All Rights Reserved.

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by Edge Life Staff Member from the October 2008 issue

Q. "What was the most sacred moment you have had in your life?"

A. "Up to the time when I first moved to Minnesota in September 2000 from Southern California, I had experienced deja vu only once in my entire life, back in 1997. I don't say that anymore. I had always longed to visit the St. Croix Islands, as it was something I felt really strong about, deep inside my soul. Much to my surprise, I was really beside myself when I discovered there was a St. Croix River right here in Stillwater, Minn. I was even more amazed when, for the first time, I drove over the St Croix River from Hudson, Wisc., and I heard a very loud and clear psychic message, "Welcome Home!" Since then, every time I drive by the St. Croix River, I have a major deja vu. I see myself as a young native American Indian, standing up in a canoe, with a spear in my hands, wearing only a loin cloth, fishing in the St. Croix River. I knew I was finally at home where I belonged. I bought my very first home here in Stillwater on my 51st birthday."

Q. "Why are you optimistic about the future of humanity in this time of uncertainty and fear?

A. "I have had such an incredibly challenging life, which you will come to understand when you read my upcoming book, "Murphy's Law No More." Please don't think for a second that I am pitying myself, as I know we are only given what we can handle. I used to live in fear. I had no idea that there were choices for people. I have since redefined the meaning of Heaven on Earth. I now see my life on earth as it is in my heaven. I only see Love, passion, empathy and devotion as the key principles in my heaven on earth. I refuse to live in a world of Fear. I have learned through many obstacles that when there is a will, there is a way. I know now that I am truly receiving what I give to the world and others. I can honestly say, I rest in the knowledge that all of our needs are taken care of and that there is an abundance for each and every one of us. I am in the world, not of it and have raised my level of consciousness."

Q. "What holistic practice is a part of your life to help you maintain health and wellness and to connect with your spiritual Self?"

A. "I've been working diligently at balancing my spirit with my physical body through daily, consistent exercise."

Q. "What single message do you want to share with us from your heart?"

A. "Give no power to fear, as fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real. By conquering your fears one by one, you build character and self-esteem. You will be contributing to the world. Your one light will be so much brighter and will serve as an example to others. When things get tough, pick yourself up and know that even if it appears no one is around to help you, just ask and you will receive the help and assistance you need - even if it appears no one is around to help you. You will come to understand that miracles happen all the time. I see them on a regular basis, as I am living life in the spiritual realm instead of the earthly realm."


How Mathematics Plays an Integral Role in Our Life on Earth

An Edge Life Magazine Interview between
Tim Miejan and Deborah Lynn11, Psychic, Medium and Numerologist

copyright © 2005 Tim Miejan ~ all rights reserved. June 2005

Twenty five years ago, Deborah Lynn11 was browsing through book titles in a friend's apartment. She picked up Numerology, the Romance in Your Name, by Juno Jordan, and never put it down. The practice of numerology, she reports, has been revealed to her to be an incredibly powerful tool of self-awareness, so much so in her case that she became increasingly attuned to her intuitive gifts and now offers readings to people around the world.

Q. "How did you begin your practice of numerology?"

A. "I started asking for people's names and their dates of birth. As I read the book, little by little, and giving people numerology readings, people would say, "You're scary. You're too good." At the time, I was just doing numerology charts by hand, and then I bought software for my computer. I still have all those charts that I did by hand."

Q ."Will you give us a brief idea of how numerology works?"

A. "Each letter of the alphabet is given a number value -- from one through nine. You take the full name exactly the way it's spelled on the original birth certificate and you give it the number value, and then you add the numbers together. When you get that number, you add the two digits together, such as 35 would be 3 + 5 = 8. The full name gives you the destiny number, what you are learning to do. Take all the vowels in the full name at birth and add those together until they're one digit, and that tells you what the person wants in life. Take the full date of birth and that tells you what your capabilities are. And then there are many other more complicated formulas that tell you much more about a person."

Q. "It breaks down to more specific parts of one's life?"

A. "Yes, and what I discovered is a different formula of arithromancy in which the letters of the alphabet are given a number value according to the age of the letter. Instead of just using numbers one through nine, you're using numbers as high as 1,400, 700 and such. It's very complex. I found this process in a book called Discover Numerology by Julia Line, and another book called the Kabbalah of Numbers. Through this formula, I can tell anyone where they are spiritually and what they're striving for or what they need to avoid. This process correlates with alchemy and sacred geometry."

Q. "You've told me that your intuitive abilities appeared as a result of studying numerology?"

A. "Yes. In the years that I've studied numerology, I've found that it's the easiest and most accurate way to learn self-awareness. You can really develop your gifts. It's all about trusting yourself and knowing who you are."

Q. "I've heard it said that as souls, we come in with our names. In fact, our soul gives our name to our parents."

A. "I was pregnant with my daughter, and in my seventh month, I heard very clearly in a dream, "Name her Tiffany Evangeline Woodbury."

Q. "If we believe, in fact, that we name ourselves, then our soul at a higher level is actually providing the name and the numbers for our destiny in this lifetime. Do you think this actually happens in that way?"

A. "Yes. I don't think it, I know it."

Q. "Why don't we all look at our numbers and know more about who we are as souls?"

A. "Most people are afraid of it. But knowing about yourself in this way is invaluable. It's priceless. It's like being in kindergarten and all of sudden going to college in the snap of a finger."

Q. "But that knowledge doesn't necessarily translate to instant wisdom. Doesn't that take life experience?"

A. "Yes, on one hand, but once I discovered this information about myself, about what I am capable of, I said, "Wow, that really makes sense!" This was like an epiphany in an instant."

Q. "Will you share some meaning of each of the numbers one through nine?"

A. "One is individuality -- original, independence. Two is cooperation and diplomacy. Three is expression and creativity. Four is firm, like the Rock of Gibraltar. Five is new, energy and change. Six is beauty and idealism. Seven is analytical and mystery. Eight is courage and self-discipline. Nine is philanthopism, and service to mankind."

Q. "We originally started talking about numerology in connection with the program NUMBERS on television. How did that show strike you when you first saw it?"

A. "It was very intriguing, because it showed me that numbers are the basis of all things. It's where everything is at, like a building block of the universe."

Q. "How would you describe your relationship to numbers?"

A. "They are the essence of all that I've always been wanting to know. Now, when I meet someone, I find myself wanting to know the person's date of birth, and their full name at birth. I want to delve deeper into his or her persona. I used numerology to buy my home. I use it for everything in life now."

Q. "I understand that you're working on a book. Can you describe what it is about?"

A. "It's called Murphy's Law No More, by Deborah Lynn Murphy. It's a biography of my life. In each stage of my life, I can see the importance of what happened. And through numerology I can see that nothing ever goes wrong in your life, ever."

Q. "Even if you think that something has gone wrong, there's some meaning to it?"

A. "Yes, because your hardest lessons in life are your greatest rewards."

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