2016 Feedback for Psychic, Numerologist, Deborah Lynn11



Some of My Feedback From 2016

"My husband and I have been waiting for over a year for this large sum of money and Deborah told me on 12/26/2016 we would have the money in 3 days she was right on the money "
~ 12/30/2016

"Deborah Lynn11 is amazing with giving names. My fiance and I were at a lost for the proper attorney for a civil case and she gave us two names that will be a true asset to this case. She is unbelievable "
~ 12/15/2016

"Deborah Lynn11 is truly an inspirational reader. I had my first reading with and she knew I was a singer she truly inspired me to go back and start singing again. "
~ 12/6/2016

"President Elect Donald Trump is going to give free school books to people going to Jr College "
~ 12/2/2016

"Deborah assured me that I would be making a great investment when I purchased this land and she further predicted a huge savings if I purchased the 3rd lot and indeed she was right on the mark. I LOVE Deborah "
~ 11/22/2016

"Deborah Lynn11 is amazing the names she came up with is beyond belief. She went back and named my Great Grandmother unbelievable "
~ 11/12/2016

"Deborah said I would get a raise in pay this year after waiting 15 years and she predicted accurately I did indeed get raise "
~ 11/11/2016

"Just for the record I accurately predicted in February 2016 that Donald Trump would be our next President "
~ 11/8/2016

"Deborah Lynn11 told me that after 10 years of no raise with my current company that my money matters would definitely improve this year. I so doubted her, , not anymore. I was just told today I am getting a 10% raise. WOW thank you Deborah Lynn11 "
~ 10/28/206

"I had my first reading with Deborah Lynn today and I am so happy i did. She was able to explain to me why my Mother and I were having so much trouble. She was able to explain to me the karmic debt we have going on and now I can see so much more clearer. Thank you Deborah "
~ 10/24/2016

"Deborah Lynn11 is not only a psychic medium she is a wonderful Spiritual Counselor. She is really good at giving names of those either alive or deceased and is able to give you the messages you need to hear from them. She really is remarkable and I will be calling on her again and again. 10/102016 "
~ 10/102016

"Deborah Lynn11 has been reading for me for years now and she just keeps getting better and better. She recently told me the exact amount I would sell my home for and indeed I did. She even said that the house wouldn't be on the market for more then two weeks and again she was correct. I LOVE you Deborah "
~ 10/4/2016

"I was concerned about being alone for the rest of my life as I kept having problems with the men I was dating. Deborah Lynn11 started popping out names that I had known for at least 15 years. All of the names Deborah gave me were past boyfriends and Deborah helped me realize hat I was doing incorrectly. She gave me the name and Date of birth this man will have and she said start loving yourself. "
~ 9/24/2016

"Deborah Lynn11 has been reading for me for at least 10 years and she keeps getting it perfect. I am in a legal, battle over my inheritance. In this reading Deborah gave me the name Leonard, I had no idea who it was until today OMG This is the name of someone that will erase all my legal problems. I can't believe how awesome Deborah Lynn11 is for me. "
~ 9/17/2016

"Deborah!!! You are so wonderful!!! You told me in August that by the end of the month he would invite me to his parents house, well he didn't invite me in August but he did invite me tonight!! You also said he was having trouble at work & that is why he was pulling back.. He just confirmed that tonight by telling me he was sorry for his indifference lately but he's overloaded at work!! Whoop!!! Predictions came true! Maybe not exact timing but it happened and I'm so happy;) thank you Deborah "
~ 9/15/2016

"Deborah Lynn11's gift is incredible! so detailed!!! she even picked up on me having a dejavu pretty often. who picks up on that???? she will amaze you! call her! "
~ 9/2/2016

"Oh Deborah Lynn11 is so amazing!! She see's things that no one sees!! You told me I'll get what I want from him if I just touch his knee!! Lol! Welllll he was acting aloof& like he wasn't listening to me& was ready to leave so I thought "hmm Ima touch his knee" and BAM he was like putty in my hands?? Deb also told me quite some time ago that I would have legal issues but they would go in my favor.. Well I ended up w legal issues that have gone in my favor..I could go on and on, on how accurate she is I LOVE you Deborah "
~ 8/27/2016

"At the end of the call Deborah Lynn11 said there is a Bob or Robert that you know..., could be from childhood, that is a lot like your guy...a baby. It wasn't until much later that I remembered my uncle Bob (Robert), he whined a lot and my mum and aunt would always tell him to stop being such a Baby..too funny "
~ 8/17/2016

"Awesome call. DeborahLynn11 always brings me peace. She is truly gifted with a warm, nonjudgmental heart. Thank you so much. "
~ 8/15/2016

"Deborah Lynn11 has been reading for me for at least ten years and today she advised me that an ex-byfriend was coming back and indeed he did. She also told me that I would ace the exams for,this new job and indeed I did. I should learn not to doubt Deborah Lynn as she has been 80% right in her predictions fo me. Thank you Deborah "
~ 8/3/2016

"I don't know how Deborah Lynn11 does it but boy does she ever give names. I had a reading with her about breaking up with my boyfriend and Deborah came through with 4 new names and exactly has she predicted, they all came thru. "
~ 7/23/2016

"Deborah Lynn11 is amazing, she said I would hear from my man within one month, after not hearing from him for 4 months. Just as she predicted he called me two weeks after Deborah told me he would. I LOVE you Deborah "
~ 7/11/2016

"Deborah Lynn11 is a miracle worker. I was feeling so down, due to not having a job. Deborah Lynn put my mind to rest when she said the job I just interviewed for was mine and I would know within one week. She was right, this is not the first time she has got it right either. "
~ 7/7/2016

"Deborah Lynn11 has been doing readings for me for years, however this is the first time she brought my mom thru, who crossed over in 2003. Deborah said one word that made me know she was in direct connection with my mom, "Pregnancy" Boy did the tears start flowing. "
~ 7/2/2016

"This woman is amazing!! Deborah Lynn11 predicted my current boyfriends name before I ever even met him!! And last night she told me I was in for a surprise and she got the chills, well I was in for a great surprise, my boyfriend told me to get dressed last minute and just whisked me away to lake Tahoe !! I'm so happy!! Deborah Thank You so much!! I'm definitely surprised!! Love you "
~ 6/23/2016

"Always love talking with Deborah Lynn11 . She helped when I was going through a rough time in my life. She has called many things that were going to happen and they did exactly the way she said they would. Thank you dear and happy birthday! "
~ 6/18/2016

"I am a first time caller and Deborah Lynn11 without me telling her she knew my husbands first name, described his personality to a T, How amazing! She also told me some particulars about a past life that we had together. and that we had unfinished business in this life I will be calling again and again! Thank you Deborah "
~ 6/15/2016

"Thank you so much for all your guidance Deborah Lynn11!!!!! You are spot on!! You've been telling me that I'm going to be changing jobs, which I thought was crazy because I planned on staying till he retired.. Well he allowed another company out of the blue to come in and sublease with us and they hired me to work part time with them. You also told me I wouldn't like working for the new company, which I don't! I gave my notice with them Thursday! You told me a few months back that I would be doing some sort of teaching this yr and I had a trade school contact me and ask if I wanted to teach two nights a wk!! You are the bestest!! I love you! Now if you could just pin point the actual day I'm marrying my love partner I'll be ecstatic!!!! LOL "
~ 6/12/2016

"Deborah has been predicting things for me that come to pass for over 6 years.. She's predicted names of people that would buy my business. Their were two men & she predicted both names.. And she was 100% percent on with the names. She knew the name of the man I love before I could tell her. She predicted my ex would come back and he has! I love this woman! Thank you Deborah "
~ 5/26/2016

"I had my second reading with Deborah Lynn11 today and I can't believe how she sees what I was talking to my friend today about. Deborah knew I was thinking about going water skiing with my best friend. She knew that I was working too hard and needed time to play. Thank you Deborah I will be back "
~ 5/20/2016

"Deborah Lynn11 has been reading for me for years now and today she literally saved me $29,000.00 in the purchase of my Townhouse. The real estate agent was doing everything possible to have me pay full dollar. Deborah assured me of the price I would get it for and sue enough she was right Thank you Deborah "
~ 5/6/2016

"Thank you Deborah Lynn11, I am so happy I talked to you. You are dead on about us. I feel he is the one for me, and he felt same with me. Just needed your confirmation. You said we will get married in October, just can't wait. You also said he is financial very stable, he driving fancy car, and you are right. I will let you know how things turn out, Thank you. "
~ 5/5/2016

"Deborah Lynn11 told me in early March 2016 that I would be taking a trip with my husband in April 2016 where there was a lot of water. I thought she was just kidding but indeed that is exactly what happened. Too Funny I LOVE you Deborah Lynn11 "
~ 4/28/2016

"Thank you Deborah Lynn11 you been correct in past readings, you gives names, and sees clear places I'm to work. She is easy to speak to, feels authentic, and she is very excited to share her gift. "
~ 4/27/2016

"What a great call! I had a call with Deborah Lynn11 a few months ago and her predictions not changed. I am still very hopeful for what she shared. Thank you "
~ 4/7/2016

"Deborah Lynn has been extremely accurate for me. She saw a drive by, saw a fancy white car and she also saw there was something about the road I would be on. Well a few weeks later I did a drive by his place of work and it was closed that day but there was the fancy white car she saw in her vision and there was road work being done in front of his work place. Everything she saw happened. "
~ 4/2/2016

"Deborah Lynn11 is extremely helpful in telling a person what they need to do to better their live's I was attending school for medical purposes and was finding it really difficult to keep my grade point average up. When Deborah gave me my divination and it said Justice and protection she told me this is the direction you need to go in school. So I took her advice and and now I am making the grade point average of 3.0 Thank you Deborah Lynn11 "
~ 3/30/2016

"I wanted to connect with people who had crossed over in my life and to see if they were happy. Deborah supplied at least 4 names of people I had known who were also crossed over. She is extremely gifted in the fact of giving names and she was also able to explain to me why someone I really wanted to hear from didn't come through, Deborah Lynn11 is truly a living angel. "
~ 3/26/2016

"Deborah Lynn11 is absolutely a GOD sent, I came to her for the first time asking for direction in my life. When she stated my Mom's name, boy did she hit the nail on the head. Now I know what direction to take and how I can also bridge the gap between me and my Mom. Thank you Deborah Lynn11 "
~ 3/18/2016

"This is the first time I have ever posted an actual prediction of mine. Please know this has nothing to do with my political choices, it's simply a, prediction. Several months ago I was watching the news on TV and when I heard that Donald J. Trump was running for president, I suddenly got really strong chills all over my body. Whenever I get chills like this it either means I have heard read or said a profound truth. So my prediction is that Donald J. Trump will be our next President "
~ 3/3/2016

"Boy when Deborah Lynn11 says she can name Names, you better believe it. We sat down for the first time and in less then 5 minutes she named every single person who was upstairs waiting for a reading with her, she had no idea of their names whatsoever. Unbelievable "
~ 2/13/2016

"I have been getting readings with Deborah Lynn11 for several years now and she is good. This last reading I had with her I asked her if I could get a certain Job and she said a very clear and loud yes was coming in. She even told me the amount of money that I would receive exactly as she predicted happened. "
~ 2/11/2016

"I came to Deborah Lynn11 for an update on if now was the time for me to purchase a home and she said emphatically yes, she even described the exact home we would get. I just signed the papers for this home. "
~ 2/9/2016

"I have been coming to Deborah Lynn11 for many years and her prediction as usual of the new job coming in happened in the time frame she predicted. thank you "
~ 2/6/2016

"Deborah Lynn11 asked me about this dog that appeared at my door, exactly in the time span she mentioned. I should add that I live in New York and she gave me this reading via telephone. She described the dog to a tee without me saying anything. The dog refuses to leave me so I asked why, Deborah said he is here to teach me to receive LOVE. This is exactly why I called Deborah I have been feeling so unlovable "
~ 1/27/2016

"I went to see Deborah Lynn about finding new work. She told me to be patient that a new job would happen out of state and sure enough within 4 months of me asking her the new job out of state happened. "
~ 1/16/2016

"Deborah Lynn11 is amazing she gave me the middle name, (she thought it was his first name) she knew his exact career, his description and his date of birth. it took a little longer for him to come in. however Deborah did predict this man and we have now been married for two years. Thank you Deborah Lynn "
~ 1/12/2016

"Deborah Lynn11 thank you for another great reading! Your prediction of seeing an accident and ambulances near where I used to live and someone being in a hospital for at least a weeks but they will be fine happened. My bf son was hit by a train near where I used to live he was in the hospital for a couple weeks and he was a very lucky boy with only a couple broken bones and he is healing wonderfully. "
~ 1/8/2016

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