2015 Feedback for Psychic, Numerologist, Deborah Lynn11



Some of My Feedback From 2015

"Thank you Deborah Lynn11. You are. wonderful, caring, very helpful and detailed and truly are honest. "
~ 12/22/2015

"I had my first reading with Deborah Lynn11 today and it surely won't be my last. She was able to advise me why I needed to break up with my current boyfriend and she was so right on. She told me I was like a teacher to him and that this would not ever work out. I have been trying to make this work out for 5 years. Thank goodness I see the light "
~ 12/19/2015

"Deborah Lynn11 accurately predicted the repairs of my vehicle and that it was nothing serious and I didn't need to worry. I am so glad she was correct. "
~ 12/15/2015

"Deborah Lynn11 has been reading for me since 2000 and many of her predictions have come to pass including me inviting my ex-husband over or dinner. Right now she predicted I would go out with a man I met online and she is predicting this will turn into marriage I can hardly wait. "
~ 12/8/2015

"I asked Deborah Lynn11 if my ex-boyfriend would be coming to visit me and if he would be alone. She predicted accurately tht he would. Deborah Lynn11 is my go to girl time and time again her predictions come to pass"
~ 11/25/2015

"I wanted to hear from deceased loved ones.and indeed I did, Deborah Lynn11 gave me the names of my deceased husband, Dad, Mother cousins I should mention I am 75 years old and my Mother and Father have been deceased for over 40 years now!!"
~ 11/25/2015

"I asked Deborah when to expect the sell of my home. Exactly as she predicted and for the amount she quoted happened. Thank you Deborah Lynn11 "
~ 11/20/2015

"I recently moved and had no idea where my remote control was for the TV. Deborah Lynn11 told me exactly where it was. Inside my garage in the top box underneath 4 other boxes Amazing. Thank you Deborah Lynn "
~ 11/10/2015

"Yup Deborah Lynn came through again. She told me this guy liked me and wanted to take me out. He did ask and within two weeks, as Deborah mentioned he made a plan w/me. We are going out this Friday. Thanks DL! "
~ 10/27/2015

"I just love Deborah Lynn!! She told me earlier this year that I would be getting a new job by the end of the year .. Which I thought was impossible because I have been at this job for 16 years and wasn't looking. Just found out this past week that my company is shutting down after 21 years of being in business !! So it looks like I am getting a new job and hopefully as you predicted I will be making more money and I will be much happier !! Thank you Deborah !!"
~ 10/24/2015

"I want to say this first. Deborah Lynn gave me the name Raymond back in September last year. She said it was a strong connection. At the time I thought it was my friends husband but just a couple weeks ago I was going thru paper work and found papers about my grandfather that past 25 yrs ago, his name is Raymond. OMG! Deborah Lynn has given me so many detailed readings with predictions and perfect time frames that always come to pass. i knew after my very first reading with her she was going to help me. "
~ 10/24/2015

"Deborah Lynn...Thank you so much for your past reading. Everything you told me happened. My situation came to an end without having to pursue any legal action as you stated. There was a good outcome for all. In addition, one of my partners did get in contact with me as you said they would and everything between us is fine as you said it would be. Thank you so much for being there for me and being so right on everything you have told me!! You are amazing!!!! I never have had anyone be so right on! Give Deborah Lynn 11 a call. She is awesome!! "
~ 10/12/2015

"Amazing reading. I'm a first time caller and I'm sold. Deborah is not only accurately by giving names. (not someone with an initial of.... ) Deborah is also very empowering and positive. While I'm dealing with crisis in life, so many unethical readers will feed on your fear but Deborah focuses on empowering me to face my current difficulties and that these hardships will pass. "
~ 9/30/2015

"Deborah Lynn11 has been doing readings for me for almost 2 years now and it's astounding how she can come up with the names and accurate predictions. She is not someone that will only tell you the Good news she is someone who tells you everything you need to know. She accurately predicted that my truck had major repair trouble. Thank goodness she told me this because if I had continue to drive it I know something worse would have happened. Thank you Deborah "
~ 9/18/2015

"Deborah Lynn11 told me that I was going to buy the perfect home exactly where I needed it to be and that the price would be perfect as well "
~ 9/15/2015

"Deborah Lynn11 answers questions before you even ask them and without a word from me she knew the source of the problem .Unbelievable "
~ 9/10/2015

"I had my first reading with Deborah Lynn11 in August and was hoping to connect with a Deceased loved one. Deborah gave me her name and that she knew I had given some of her clothes away the day before. Awesome "
~ 8/31/2015

"Thank you Thank you Thank you Deborah Lynn11 you accurately predicted the job was mine and you even gave me the name of the man who would hire me yippeeeeee "
~ 8/28/2015

"Deborah Lynn11 has been a friend and psychic friend of mine for over 15 years and I was chatting with her on the phone when she suddenly asked me who is Bill, I told her this is my husband's boss. Deborah further advised me that this boss is not going to just voluntarily give my husband a raise , he is going to need to ask him directly. "
~ 8/24/2015

"I called Deborah Lynn11 to make an appointment and she immediately asked me who Virginia was, this is my Great Aunt's name who has been deceased for over 20 years now "
~ 8/21/2015

"I was having a reading with Deborah Lynn11 about my great Aunt who is now 87 years old and suddenly she blurts out who is Alice? I told her that was my Great Aunt's Aunt who crossed over about 50 years ago. How does she do that? Amazing. "
~ 7/21/2015

"Deborah Lynn11 is awesome she predicted a man would come into my life soon, she gave me his name, his profession, and his description exactly as they came to be. She is also very wise, loving and supportive. What more can you ask for? Thank you Deborah "
~ 7/18/2015

"Deborah Lynn11 is a living angel! She has saved my life in so many ways. She has helped me from loosing a lot of money. Her accuracy is un-canning. The names that she has given me both living and passed on are unbelievable! Give her a call. "
~ 7/17/2015

"I just wanted to let you know that our talk today was truly inspirational. I am usually pretty wrapped up inside and I can honestly say that I felt very comfortable talking with you and am very thankful for us to have crossed paths. Anyway, I just thought I would write a little message because I feel touched and comforted by our conversation today and wanted to thank you for spending your time with me. "
~ 7/10/2015

"I gave the birth date & name of a guy I was dating and Deborah Lynn11 told me "no he's not good for you"..She said he has a terrible illness & if he doesn't yet then he will. I continued to talk w him (and forgot what Deborah said about the illness)as the days and weeks passed he was inconsistent& missing meet ups with me.. He finally confessed that he has really bad headaches&they don't know why.. He said he had problems with Internet towers& cell phones.. He said he's home bound often from it. His doctors are perplexed. About a month after my reading w Deborah I was going over notes from our last talk & she said he has a terrible illness. She knew that b4 he told me..Deborah your awesome "
~ 6/25/2015

"Had my first reading with Deborah Lynn11 about a year ago. I wanted to know if my ex and I would get back together Deborah advised me no you won't and then she asked me who Randy was I told her I didn't know, well she told me he would come into my life within the next 3 months and this is the perfect match for you. Well guess what? He did and yes we are very much in love. "
~ 6/15/2015

"I called Deborah Lynn11 to see if I would hear from my deceased husband. Unfortunately she didn't give me his name, but what she did ask me was who is Rex? I about dropped dead to the floor because my husband had come to me in a dream 2 weeks prior to my speaking with Deborah. In the dream my husband told me it's time to get a new dog and you need to name him Rex. Unbelievable "
~ 6/9/2015

"Deborah Lynn11 assured me that my dog, Joey a border collie who is 15 human years old would be completely healed She kept saying just give him a little more time and he will be back to normal and indeed he is. Thank you Deborah "
~ 6/3/2015

"DeborahLynn11 opened my eyes to things I was not aware of, she gave me new ways I could make a living that will actually give me more money and more free time. "
~ 5/27/2015

"Deborah Lynn11 is more then a psychic medium she is also a Healer, she brings up pain that keeps you stuck in life and she does it in a truly loving way I am so glad I saw her today "
~ 5/23/2015

"Deborah Lynn11 kept telling me I was going on a trip and sure enough a totally and unexpected trip happened. "
~ 5/19/2015

"When Deborah Lynn11 says she names names boy does she ever. She gave me names form 20 years ago to the present both in living and deceased "
~ 5/8 2015

"Deborah Lynn11 gave me the first and middle name of my one true LOVE without me saying anything. She gave me solid information on how to get this relationship on the right track Amazing"
~ 4/30/2015

"Brilliant reader. Deborah provided uncanny details and helpful advice. I am grateful that we connected."
~ 4/23/2015

"Deborah really does name names. All through this reading she kept asking me who several women were They were all from my years in high school this was over 30 years ago. She explained that this was because I longed for my youthful years, So perfectly said. "
~ 4/15/2015

"Deborah Lynn11 accurately predicted a year before it happened that my niece would become pregnant. Deborah gave the exact month the baby would be born and what the sex of the baby would be. Thank you Deborah"
~ 4/6/2015

"I was worried that one of my employess had simply disappeared but just as Deborah Lynn11 was telling me he would reappear, my telephone rang and it was him Too funny"
~ 3/26/2015

"I wanted to hear from my deceased husband who died about 10 years ago and just as Deborah advertizes she will bring through those who have crossed over. Deborah Lynn11 is truly gifted."
~ 3/18/2015

"Deborah Lynn11 gave me a psychic prediction that I was really worried would not happen. Well her prediction came to pass just like she said it would and even at the time frame she gave me. Just for the record Deborah has been reading for me for several years. "
~ 3/9/2015

"When Deborah Lynn11 says she can name names, boy does she ever. This woman gave me my Dad, My Mother, and my two deceased brothers names. She gave me several deceased Aunts and Uncles names She also gave me very impotant information to help me deal with this huge problem I am having here on Earth. I LOVE Deborah Lynn11"
~ 3/4/2015

"I will say,Deborah Lynn11 spat out a name in the beginning of the call that was a person very close to me....And knew other key components with that of the topic i called on... It just seems all too good to be true, you saying he is all about love and wants to melt into me! Almost too good to believe but hey if it all happens that way and if that's how he really feels deep inside then that would be amazing lol... lets hope it goes that way! I'll be calling back because i love how specific and personal your readings are!"
~ 2/25/2015

"Three years before it happened Deborah Lynn11 gave me the name and dsicription if the man I have now been happily married to for eight years Love You "
~ 2/21/2015

"Deborah Lynn11 told me I would get a new job and I ineeed did, it took a couple of months but it did happen. "
~ 2/16/2015

"Deborah Lynn11 gave me the first and last name of a woman I had gone to High School with, I am now in my late 30"s She explained that spirit wanted me to go to that time of my life and remember how much I was enjoying my life. Amazing"
~ 2/10/2015

"Deborah Lynn11 gve me my first rding today and it sure won't be my last. When she says she names names boy does she ever. I was able to confirm what my first and last name was in myprior life. Deborah even gave me the correct state that I lived in way to go Deborah"
~ 1/29/2015

"Deborah Lynn11 has been reading for me for several years. She began my reading with her today by telling me I am in for a big surprise and I would know within 2 weeks what it is. I got the new job just as she predicted. "
~ 1/20/2015

"Deborah Lynn11 is a true Medium, she gave me my Mom's friend's name from 30 years ago. The one who baby sat me when I was only 8 years old. Thank you "
~ 1/10/2015

"Deborah Lynn11  is wonderful! Thank you for the amazing reading. It helps to know someone cares as much as you do."
~ 1/7/2015

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