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Some of My Feedback From 2014

"Deborah Lynn11 has been doing readings for me since 2007 The insight and wisdom I have been taught by Deborah doesn't compare to a Master's degree.  She has made me the woman I am today.    and I know she is a blessing to many many people as well.  I LOVE You Deborah Lynn"
~ 11 12/27/2014

"When I need to know how to deal with my 4 children which age from 12 to 30 years old Deborah Lynn11 is my go to girl She knows exactly what needs to be done for me to have a healthy relationship with each of them without a doubt thank you Deborah"
~ 12/17/2014

"Deborah is terrific! I have talked with her several times and she has been spot on with what will happen and when. She has told me many names I know and she knew how I knew the people. And she has given me names of people I didn't know but they came into my life shortly after talking with her. 3 names in particular. Joe Scott and Terri. Joe bought house Scott was my Realtor and Terri was the closure on my house. I sold my house a month after talking with Deborah. She also goes deep into situations so you better understand what is going on. She has helped me see the things I need to change to make my life the best it can be."
~ 12/8/2014

"Hi Deborah!! You always told me there was something wrong with the legal paperwork on my brothers boys. You told me I would run into problems with it. Well I signed one of nephews up for football& they needed his birth certificate and legal guardianship papers and once they saw the paper work I couldn't enroll him because the birthdays did not match! The court messed up his birthday on legal documents! And now I have to go back to court open the case all over again just change a birth date!! I don't know how you know these things Deborah but you are amazing!!"
~ 12/7/2014

"Deborah Lynn11  is wonderful! Thank you for the amazing reading. It helps to know someone cares as much as you do."
~ 11/21/2014

"Miss Deborah Lynn you are 100% correct!! I was looking in my notes and realized you told me 6 months  before my brother passed away that he would not have custody of his boys in the next 6 months  I asked you why and you said "I don't know but he will not have them" then I asked you who will... And you said "you"'! Which I thought was odd.. I had my own 4 children to take care of. But I put those comments in my notes. And as you know my brother passed away unexpectedly 6 months later :( and NO ONE in the family would take the kids but me) which now means I have 7 kids!! But Deborah you def hit the nail on the head!! Love you Deborah Lynn!!"
~ 11/19/2014

"Deborah Lynn11 had to deliver some disturbing news about my sweet little dog I know I can count on her to tell the truth in all circumstances and exactly as she predicted the Dog would be returned to me in the time frame she said Thank you Deborah"
~ 11/10/2014 

"Deborah Lynn11 is unbelievable, when she says she will give you names does she ever give names.  Without me saying anything she asked me who is Bob and Robert too funny, one is my ex and the other is the guy I am dating she said the ex owes you big time and yes indeed is does I will follow the advice and go get him now."
~ 11/5/2014

"Without me saying one single word, Deborah Lynn11 asked me who is Alex I told her he is my son.  She immediately said without me even asking, Don't worry he will be home.  Wow she is really the real deal."
~ 10/24/2014 

"Deborah Lynn11 had advised my wife in a reading she gave her several years ago regarding my work.  although it was not what we wanted to hear it turned out to be the biggest blessing we could have ever imagined.  She also told my wife that we needed to refinance our home and by doing so we saved hundreds of dollars each month  Deborah Lynn thank you for truly helping our family"
~ 10/17/2014

"Deborah Lynn11 has been doing readings for me for several years.  She has really taught me about having faith that everything will be ok  Every time I seek her advice she comes through with a new name and contact for my work.  I know I can rust and depend on her all the time."
~ 10/15/2014

"Deborah Lynn11 gave me name after name.  Beginning with names that were in my life over 30 years ago to people currently in my life.  All these names stemmed from why I had never truly been happy.  She taught me that I need to talk about the issues instead of stuffing the pain.  My life is now on track."
~ 10/11/2014 

"I wanted to know if a current employee of mine was trustworthy.  Deborah Lynn11 will answer the tough questions.  When she said no way and gave me the reasons why, which I knew had happened I knew she was the real deal.  Thank you Deborah"
~ 9/26/2014  

"Deborah Lynn11 came through with my Grandmothers name and what we had done together just before she crossed over.  Unbelievable"
~ 9/18/2014

"All my life I had been terribly angry at the world and I had no idea why.  Deborah Lynn11 asked me who was Frank, I then knew exactly where all my anger was coming from.  Thank you Deborah"
~ 9/16/2014  

"All I did was tell Deborah Lynn11 my name and date of birth when I asked her if this guy I am currently dating is going to last forever boy was I shocked when she told me no because I was still in love with Tim who lived in Florida.  She is amazing"
~ 9/5/2014

"Deborah Lynn11 has been reading for me for many years.  She is truly worth a million dollars. This past week she predicted I would come in second on this game and indeed I did.  Then she said that I would be receiving more money than what I thought I was.  And indeed I am.  She is wonderful.  Thank you Deborah Lynn."

~ 8/12/2014

"Deborah Lynn, Thank you for your integrity and honesty.  You save me many months or even years of heart break.  You are fabulous."

~ 8/4/2014
"Absolutely love Deborah Lynn11.  She lifted my spirit just talking with her.  I am looking forward to hearing from him within the next two weeks.  You were right about so many things.  Divorce, his broken home and how him being in his head worrying causes lot of his problems. He has told me so many times that he likes to get out of his head and he doesn't know how I get in his head like no other has.  I will be playful with him!"
~ 8/3/2014
"This was my first reading with Deborah Lynn11 and it surely won't be my last.  At the very beginning of the reading she blasted out 3 names from the people I grew up with on my street over 30 years ago.  She explained to me how the things I did then were molding me into being a counselor of some sort and that this is why I wasn't happy with my current career."
~ 8/2/2014
"Deborah Lynn11 kept telling me don't worry you will obtain a new position with a GREAT salary before August and indeed I did.  I was just hired on 7/28/2014."
"Deborah Lynn11 really helped me understand the root of my trouble with my career, she told me my divine path was to right wrongs in this world and that I needed to change my major in school.  No wonder I was struggling with my major of teaching."
~  7/18/2014
"Deborah Lynn11 has been doing readings for me since 2007 and in that time she has saved me from losing my mind and my money from people in my life.  She is by far the most healing and psychic woman I know.  She delivers names like you can't believe one name she gave me was way back in 1960 when I was in elementary school.  She pointed out that this is where the root of my problems started.  I love you Deborah."
~ 711/2014
"In June 2014 I told Deborah that my husband and I needed a new home with some land on it with some sort of garage on it to store some heavy equipment.  Well she proceeded to describe a property that was perfect for us.  She even said what side of the highway it was on.  Then she gave me the numbers 20 - 30 and she thought that,  that meant it was 20 - 30 minutes or miles away. She said you will find this before September.  Well sure enough, on 7/7/2014 exactly as Deborah predicted we found the property and the address was 2030 highway 108 what a  Miracle."
~  7/10/2014
"I went to Deborah to see if me and my ex-boyfriend were going to get back together and she asked me why would I want to.  She explained that this guy was not ready to settle down and commit to only one girl.  She explained to me how I was comfortable with a dysfunctional relationship due to my upbringing and then she very gently educated me with how to reprogram myself and to feel comfortable with a healthy loving relationship.  Deborah is a true Spiritual guidance counselor.
~ 6/24/2014
"I was worried about where I was going to move as my parents wouldn't let me come back home.  Deborah asked me who Carry was and I told her that is my Aunt Well sure enough my Aunt let me move in with her.  Thank you Deborah."
~ 6/19/2014
"Deborah Lynn11 is too good, I wanted to know if I was ever going to start dating again and she immediately asked me who is Mark, I had no idea who he was and she told me I would meet him within 3 months well guess what I did, he looks exactly as she described and he has the kind of career she said he would too good."
~ 6/10/2014
"I went to Deborah in hopes of finding a new job after looking and looking for over a year.  She said you will find a job near water and your two bosses names are Michael and Jerry sure enough that is exactly what I found thank you Deborah."
~ 6/4/2014

"I never thought much about my prophetic dreams that I had been having since I was 10 years old. I am now 36. Deborah advised me that this was not the norm and that I needed to write my book of all the valuable information I have been getting in my dreams. I LOVE you Deborah! "

"Deborah Lynn is a true gift. I was concerned about my Love getting hired as a teacher. Deborah not only gave me the city, but she said it would be at a high school and he will be teaching English. "

"Deborah Lynn11 is truly gifted and very wise. I had been attempting to sell my business for over a year. She immediately was able to assist me in the selling of my store. All she did was give me a name and the correct amount. Within a week of my reading with Deborah, the business was sold. Oh she is wonderful. "

"I had been in a truly dead end relationship with a man I was hoping would change. Deborah Lynn11 explained to me how this would never work. Then she gave me the name and place of where I would meet my now husband. Remarkable! "

"I received a mini reading from Deborah Lynn11 while she was doing her monthly Blog talk radio show. And without any word from me, she blasts out 3 names to me: My ex-husband, his father and the deceased grandfather of my ex. Wow unbelievable! "

"I was given a birthday present of a psychic reading with Deborah Lynn11. She is truly remarkable in naming names, without a single word from me. She has given me the tools and the most excellent direction in healing years and years of my built up anger. I now will know the right course to take in reconnecting with my siblings. "

"Deborah was able to truly heal my relationship and make sense of chaos. She is one in a million and I am so glad I was able to speak with her. "

"Deborah Lynn11 gave me the best guidance I could ever hope for. I never understood why job after job became such a burden to me. I really LOVE working, but after speaking with Deborah I discovered my true divine path. Now my work is totally fulfilling. My heart is now singing instead of just being. Thank you Deborah! "

"When Deborah Lynn11 says she will give you names she really does give you names. I couldn't understand why I was comfortable with dysfunctional relationships and Deborah immediately asked me who is Christopher. He as a young man that I dated over 20 years ago, and it's all where my spiral down began with men. I LOVE you Deborah! "

"Deborah Lynn11 is truly a wise woman. She asked me what it was that I truly hated about my Mother. I told her she was too busy attempting to tell me what to do. She advised me this was a part of me that I was hiding from myself that needed to come out. She advised me to write a book called "Lessons' Learned". What a woman. "

"I was so lost and needed direction in my life. I wanted to know what I was truly meant to do as far as my career. All I had to do was give Deborah Lynn11 my full name and date of birth and she immediately took off....setting me in the right direction. That was a year ago and I am now a proud owner of my own business Thank you Deborah. "

"I came to see Deborah in hopes of connecting to my deceased husband. What a shock I received when Deborah gave me the first and middle name of my deceased husband's Mother. Amazing! "

"Deborah Lynn11 told me I would be getting married this year after being single for over ten years. Exactly as she predicted is happening. I met a man last year and we just announced our engagement and et the date for June 2014. I LOVE you Deborah "

"Deborah Lynn11 is unbelievable, when she says she can give you names she really does give names. This was my first reading with her and and without me saying anything she gave me names of people who crossed over, over 50 years ago, names of those who were still alive and some names I didn't know who they were. She is totally awesome. "

"I just love Deborah Lynn!! I was talking with her about my brother who recently passed away and she immediately asked me who is so & so I said we'll that's my dad who passed away 20 yrs ago and she said they were together!! I was shocked!! My brother and my dad were so close so I'm so happy to hear that they are together!! Thank you Deborah!! "

"I was shocked how accurate Deborah Lynn11 was in such a short time. She used a full name only my great grandmother and grandmother call my grandfather. And we weren't talking about him, and then she went into detail about him. She doesn't seem to need validation. "

"I really wanted to connect with someone in my family who had crossed over and indeed Deborah Lynn11 is the real deal. She mentioned my Grandmother's nickname without me telling her, she told me my Grandmother's favorite flower and most shockingly she described my grandmother's yard, that I played in growing up perfectly. This was over 39 years ago my Grandmother crossed over. "

"This was my first reading with Deborah Lynn11 and it surely won't be my last. The first thing she mentioned in the reading was did you feel your Deceased grandmother's energy earlier today when you were baking her favorite recipe of oatmeal cookies? I about dropped to the floor, how did she know I had been baking my deceased grandmother's oatmeal cookies? "


"Deborah Lynn11 has been telling me for a while that I would be reunited with my ex-boyfriend. She also kept telling me I see you with him dancing your heart out. Suddenly without any notice I get invited out by an old friend. Little did I know that the ex-boyfriend would be there and yes indeed we danced our hearts away. "

" wanted to contact my one Grandfather who crossed over about 5 years ago. Little did I know that Deborah Lynn11 would contact both of my deceased Grandfather's and my deceased Grandmother. What was most shocking is without any mention from me she gave me all three of their first names. My goodness one in a million "

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