2013 Feedback for Psychic, Numerologist, Deborah Lynn11



Some of My Feedback From 2013

"I needed to know if right now was the right time for me to move and where I should move to and Deborah Lynn11 without hesitation said you are moving to Somerset New York. I then asked Deborah had she been there before she told me no only to Manhattan back in 1997. She said she had never heard of this place before. Somerset, New York is where I have dreamed of living since 1975. She is good."

"This was my first time having a reading with Deborah Lynn11 and it surely will not be my last. I am so glad I found her. Without me saying a word to her she pops out of her mouth the word Unicorns and the colors lavender and white, then she showed me her business card, and said these are the colors I am seeing. I couldn't believe her as Unicorns are my favorite animals and the colors on your business cards are my favorites. Then she proceeds to tell me I am going to write from 7-10 books about fantasy and Unicorns. She answered my specific question without me even asking it. I LOVE her"
~ 7/17/2013

"Deborah Lynn11 is the best I came to her in hopes of news about a job. Within minutes she asked me who is Gregory, I told her he is my cousin, she said go look for a job near him at a Bank, sure enough I just found out two days after the reading I was hired at the bank near my cousin. Unbelievable"
~ 7/3/2013

"As always Deborah Lynn comes through. She spews out names. She recently figured out that my pet was sick due to people food allergy. I had just given my pet rice the night before. When I spoke to DL again, she said the animal has not gotten sick and I said NO, not since the rice incident."
~ 7/1/2013

"For others reading this, let me just say that she knew something VERY specific to me that could not be a guess by ANY stretch of the imagination. Very caring, very reassuring and she has helped me to understand my path a bit. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness, your reading and your assistance this evening. I will certainly call you in the future and I am grateful God lead me to you this evening. Callers, do not hesitate. I am astounded by what Deborah Lynn11 knew "
~ 6/17/2013

"Deborah Lynn11 hit the nail on the head when she told me my childs father would lose his job and relocate to another state.. about 3 mos after that reading it happened!! she also told me my ex's current relationship was dissolved.. yesterday he told me his relationship was on the outs and hes getting a new place!"
~ 6/13/2013

"My Love/Partner died this past April and I so desperately wanted to hear from him and see how he was doing. Deborah Lynn11 immediately asked me who had the drinking problem, with that one question I knew she was in contact with John, this was what caused him to die, his drinking problem. Amazing she is the real deal." ~ 6/9/2013

"Deborah Lynn11 is so easy to talk to. She is quick and will shout names that may not make sense at the time. For instance, on Sunday night she asked who Frank was. I said I don't know. I went to my online dating site and a Frank had emailed me that evening. She has also mentioned the last name of an ex's friend. She also mentioned my ex boyfriend would contact me and he did. The names just flow. You'll be surprised. "

"My very first time speaking with Deborah Lynn11, she gave me my current love's name!! I was shocked! she has also told me my nephew would be mildly injured in Iraq& receive a purple heart.. he did!! she is the BEST!! she is AWESOME at numerology also!! you will not be disappointed in ms Deborah lynn"
~ 5/29/2013

"I needed some much needed direction in my life I didn't have a clue which way to go, Deborah Lynn11 is a true Living Angel. Time and time again she threw me into shock with names of my deceased Loved ones proving to me that there is life after we leave here on earth. I have no idea how she came up with my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother's names but trust me she did. Thank you Deborah for giving me direction."
~ 5/22/2013

"Oh my goodness Deborah Lynn11 is unbelievable. In the first minute of my reading with her, she asks me"Who is Janet Marie?" I about dropped dead right there, that is the first and middle name of my deceased mother who has been gone for over 30 years. Unbelievable!!!"
~ 5/14/2013

"I had my first reading with Deborah Lynn11 yesterday and the first thing out of her mouth was who is Agnes, I about fell on the floor, that was my deceased Grandmother, who had passed on 15 years ago. This couldn't have come at a better time because I have been feeling so alone."
~ 5/8/2013

"I have been thinking and thinking and thinking of whether I should move or not. In one minute Deborah Lynn11 was able to remove all doubt about moving out of state. She asked me who is Mary, this is my Mother. I know now I am to move where my Mother lives "
~ 4/17/2013

"Deborah told me a year ago that I would be receiving back pay of $100,000.00 due me from my late husband's estate and sure enough I just received notice that I would be getting exactly that. I LOVE YOU Deborah Lynn11!"
~ 4/12/2013

"Let me tell you guys in October 2012 Deborah Lynn11 told me I would be seeing my ex at a crowded area. Sure enough a month late."Deborah Lynn11 told me in March, that my son would be employed June. We were really concerned because he had been unemployed for over a year and sure enough we just found out that He will start working in June. Thank you Deborah!"
~ 4/10/2013

"Deborah Lynn11 is not only a Psychic Medium, she is the most caring and wise Spiritual Guidance counselor. If you want direction and to make sense with your chaos then Deborah is a must call. I am so glad I called her!"
~ 3/10/2013

"Let me tell you guys in October 2012 Deborah Lynn11 told me I would be seeing my ex at a crowded area. Sure enough a month later I went to a concert with him. If you want the truth call her you will not be disappointed."
~ 3/8/2013

"I had been offered a job that I really didn't want to take, Deborah Lynn11 said to me in a very strong confident voice, "YES take that job" I am so glad I listened to her, this is the best job I have ever had. Deborah you really are a living angel!"
~ 3/4/2013

"I had my first reading with Deborah Lynn11 a few months back and was disappointed when she told me the guy I was dating was not good for me, in that reading she gave me the first and middle name and date of birth of someone I would be connecting with within a month. Guess what the man with the names and date of birth found me on a dating site I live in Minnesota and he lives in Maine. Deborah Lynn11 also told me I would be relocating within the next year. OH my she is wonderful!"
~ 3/1/2013

"I called Deborah Lynn11 about a month ago and after hanging up with her I was so disappointed because she wasn't answering my question-instead she kept asking me who is Jim or Jimmy, I was calling about Dan, not to mention I never heard of anyone in the slightest acquaintance with the names Jim or Jimmy. Well today I called Deborah to tell her Dan turned out to be a disaster and that I just went out on my third date with a most wonderful man , you got it, Jim. I have spoken with many psychics and not one was able to tell me about meeting a new guy and not one gave me his name. I LOVE YOU, Deborah!"
~ 2/27/2013

"I went to Deborah Lynn11 in hopes she could help me to choose the better man for me, She instantly started naming off many of my past boyfriends, and said to me, you need to learn to value yourself first then I can name your future Love Partner. She also told me I need to understand why I chose my dad who I truly didn't want to even talk about. I LOVE you, Deborah!"
~ 2/22/2013

"If you want to know who your future Love/Partner is you must contact Deborah Lynn11, boy I don't know how she does, it, only that she is truly a Gifted Psychic, Deborah gave me the name and exact description of current fiance. Keep an open mind when she gives you the name I am so glad I kept an open mind!"
~ 2/20/2013

"This was my first and most definitely won't be my last reading from Deborah Lynn11. I came to her in hopes of connecting with my recently deceased Father. Deborah wasn't able to give me his name but boy did she throw me into shock when she gave me the first and middle name of my baby brother who died 20 yrs ago of sids. She also described the name, my Dad who was standing next to my younger brother. Thank you so much, Deborah!"
~ 2/7/2013

"WOW!!! I was blown away by Deborah Lynn11. She said the name of a man I have spoken to for the past 7 years, but hadn't seen him in 2 years. Deborah told me I would have contact with him in the next 3 weeks and I am so happy to report her prediction did come to pass exactly as she predicted. Thank you!"
~ 1/25/2013

"GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Let me shout it: DEBORAH LYNN11 IS THE REAL THING!!!! I love the fact that she was able to say I had a brother right away - and I had never even mentioned it. She knew too much about me without me saying a word, she answered questions before I even asked them. I am so glad I found you!"
~ 1/18/2013

"Deborah Lynn11 is amazing, she accurately told me the name of a dear friend who passed away. She also described exactly what she looked like The names of two other important people also came through to her very clearly. She is a genuine psychic that helps people with her heart and is worth a million to me!"
~ 1/15/2013

"Deborah Lynn11 is my go to girl for accurate predictions. She accurately predicted I would be hired at the position I had inquired about. She told me not to worry that I would be hired as the Supervisor that I wanted to desperately. Thank you Deborah!"
~ 1/5/2013

"For 5 months Deborah Lynn11 kept telling me my cousin was pregnant and I wouldn't believe her. I should have known better I just found out today she is 5 months pregnant, Amazing ****"
~ 1/1/2013


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