Some of My Feedback From 2012

"Deborah Lynn11 was able to identify names within proper context. She was able to identify events in my life in the proper time frames. I feel confident that the advice she gave me will be quite helpful. I stayed on the phone with her longer then I intended because I was so engaged by her abilities. Thank you Deborah for sharing your insight."

"Excellent, you must call Deborah Lynn11 she is real. She gave me two names 3 weeks ago and both of them are now in my life. Totally awesome!"
~ 12/15/2012

"If you want to know the name of your future love/partner, call Deborah Lynn11 she gave me the exact description and name of my future fiance a year ago. This man just asked me to marry him. What a wonderful Christmas present."
~ 12/12/2012

"Six months ago Deborah Lynn11 told me my brother would not have custody of his 3 children, that I would be the one. I had no idea how or why this could be happening. Well Deborah spared me the pain of the why because my brother just passed away. I am now indeed the guardian of his 3 small children. Deborah Lynn11 is truly a living Angel. She will make predictions that may not be welcomed but she will do it with total Love and compassion."
~ 12/4/2012

"Finally I was able to connect with Deborah Lynn11. Let me tell you, in October 2012 she told me I would be seeing my ext a party. Sure enough a month later we connected and he asked me to go to a concert with him, exactly as Deborah predicted we would reunite. Give her a call she will not waste your time or money."
~ 11/28/2012

"Great call Deborah Lynn11 is the best, call her you won't be disappointed. She knows things she couldn't possibly know if she weren't psychic. She knows names of family, friends, and lovers amazing!!"
~ 11/23/2012

As always, Deborah Lynn11 is the best. She pulls names of people close to me, out of thin air. These are not names that she could know unless she was really connected with my energy and spirit guides. I am continually amazed with her readings. Thank you, Deborah!
~ 11/14/2012

Well the names keep coming. The other day Deborah Lynn11 gave me a name, I did not know at the time. Then a few days later I am talking with a friend, who had just had a baby. I didn't know the baby's name at the time until my friend asked me if I would be this baby's godmother, the baby has the name Deborah gave me, Amazing!
~ 11/11/2012

Everyone listen up, cal Deborah Lynn11, she is unbelievable. She will tell you names and you will be astounded I LOVE her!
~ 10/26/2012

I waited 3 years for the man of my dreams. Deborah Lynn11 gave me his name like a miracle in 2009. She is beyond amazing. He looks exactly as she said he would too.
~ 10/12/2012

"I came to Deborah Lynn11 to ask about a good career for myself, I about fell off my chair when she gave me the First and last name of a man in the police department. She is so right on because this is exactly what I have always wanted to do. Thank you Deborah Lynn11 you know I will be back."
~ 10/8/2012

"Last year Deborah Lynn11 told me I would have a new granddaughter coming in and I would know of this news within 3 months of the reading, exactly as she predicted came to pass, now she is telling me there is a grand son coming in within one year. Thank you Deborah for being such a blessing in my life."
~ 10/3/2012

"Deborah Lynn11 told me a year ago I would be speaking in front of 250 people and at the time I thought, yeah right. I know now not to dare to doubt her, because exactly as she predicted happened, I about fell over when I was told I would be speaking to exactly 250 people. Deborah Lynn11 rocks!"
~ 9/14/2012

"WOW it took a few minutes for me to connect with Deborah Lynn11, but then she came up with the name ofvmy Mother who recently passed away. I was BLOWN AWAY. I still have chills. She is a wonderful woman, very sweet, and VERY gifted."
~ 9/5/2012

"I went to Deborah hoping to contact my deceased Mom, and indeed I did. Deborah gave a very vivid description of my Mother pushing me in the swing that was in our back yard while I was growing up over 30 years ago. Thank you, Deborah Lynn11."
~ 9/2/2012

"Deborah Lynn11 has been reading for me for a really long time, and often she gives me names of people I have no idea who they are, I have no idea how she does it but over and over she has given me names that do come into my life either on a personal basis, career basis and even when I was looking to buy my house she gave me the name of the street I would buy my home on wild!!!"
~ 9/1/2012

"Deborah Lynn11 gave me the name John this past March and at the time I had no idea who he was. Well low and behold just like she predicted he came through and we are having so much fun together."
~ 8/29/2012

"I have been seeking spiritual guidance from Deborah Lynn11 for over 5 years now, she is my go to girl. She doesn't hesitate to go where spirit directs her. It's not that she is negative but she isn't afraid to give warnings to protect you from harm."
~ 8/17/2012

"I went to Deborah Lynn11 to see if she could tell me the name and place of where my 13 year old son would be going to High School. Without a word from me, she correctly gave me information that this would be a private school and where it would be at. Thank you, Deborah."
~ 8/14/2012

"Deborah Lynn11 is so funny, the first thing out of her mouth was, "Who is Stanley" I bought fell out of my chair. I told her that is the nick name of my sweet nephew, it's a joke between him and I. This shows me spirit definitely has a great sense of humor."
~ 8/3/2012

"GREAT Call Deborah Lynn11 is the best, call her, you won't be disappointed She knows things she couldn't possibly know if she weren't psychic. She knows names of family, friends, and lovers. Amazing!!!"
~ 7/23/2012

"Deborah Lynn11 is without a doubt, unlike any other. I have seen many psychics but none compare to her. She constantly comes up with people in my life who have either crossed over, are living and who has yet come into my life. she is too cool."
~ 7/9/2012

"If you want to meet people you are going to date in the future, then you should call Deborah Lynn11, she has done this for me time and time again. Unreal!"
~ 7/6/2012

"Deborah is a hoot, she asked me in my reading who is Candy, I told her she is a girl on TV who is making in own music. Well she said that's what you are supposed to be doing with your life, not this legal work you are doing. Wow LOL she is good."
~ 7/2/2012

"Deborah Lynn11 gave me three names 6 months ago and I had no idea who they were. That is no longer the case, I am now working for the 3 people she named. A living miracle she is indeed."
~ 6/29/2012

"If you want to reach someone who has crossed over, Deborah Lynn11 is the one. Within a second of me sitting down with her, she blurts out, "Who is David" this is my deceased Dad who crossed over 5 years ago. OH my!"
~ 6/23/2012

"Deborah is my go to girl when I need direction and assistance in my life. She is far more then a psychic medium, she gives LOVE support and meaning to my life."
~ 6/14/2012

"Deborah Lynn11 is amazing. She was able to unlock a buried dream of mine, one that I had totally put out of my mind. She has inspired me to LOVE life again. I Love you Deborah"
~ 6/9/2012

"I was certainly a sceptic when, I came to Deborah Lynn11 on 5/28/2012, That is no longer the case, with what she described to me, she had no way of knowing, she gave very detailed information, of what I and another person was doing. I don't know how she did it. But she brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!"
~ 5/28/2012

"There's no other way to describe Deborah Lynn11 then to say, 'Simply the Best'!"
~ 5/18/2012

"I have been getting readings with Deborah Lynn11 for over 5 years now, time and time again she will ask me a name of someone who I have no idea who they are, and time and time again, that person will appear in my life, How does she do that?"
~ 5/11/2012

"I can't believe Deborah Lynn11's ability to give description's and name's of people both living, deceased and people I will meet in the future, she is so uncanny"
~ 5/3/2012

"Deborah Lynn11 is very accurate. She predicted a job offer and told me to be sure and take it, this was 2 months before it happened. Incredible!"
~ 4/23/2012

"Deborah Lynn11 gave me the exact amount that my New mortgage rate would be she has a way of always making me feel so at ease."
~ 4/18/2012

"Deb always makes me feel better and clarifies the situation. She tunes into guides and teachers and gives me profound messages."
~ 4/11/2012

"Deborah Lynn11 had to deliver me a sad message last month, and she did so with much loving care. She gave me my nephew's name and told me he would be injured in Iraq, but not seriously and would finally be able to come back home. This is exactly what just happened."
~ 4/4/2012

"Deborah Lynn11 is beyond amazing. Time after time she will give me the name of a girl I have no idea who she is speaking of. Then like a miracle the girls keep appearing in my life. She is unreal. I LOVE You Deborah Lynn11"
~ 3/30/2012

"Without me saying a single word, Deborah Lynn11 asked me who David was, I told her my Dad. She advised me that the reason I had difficulty with men because I need to work on communicating my feelings to my Dad, both the positive and the negative. She explained to me how this was my life lesson. I am so glad I found her."
~ 3/15/2012

"Fabulous, fabulous, and more fabulous. Deborah Lynn11 is always well spoken and she speaks with conviction. Her previous predictions have come true."
~ 3/10/2012

"Names names, names !!!! She gives them and before you know it they come into play in your life!... Wonderful deep reader she is talented, resourceful and accurate!... Once she told me the name of street I was gonna live at! And what do you know she was right!! Before moving there she said they'll be another move! Within a year! At the time I hadn't even move and could not even image a second move... And what do you know! Yes one year later moved!.... DEBORAH LYNN IS A MUST CALL! ... have a pen & paper handy and write down all she gives even if it doesn't make sense! ;)"
~ 3/5/2012

"This was my first reading with Deborah Lynn11 and it surely will not be my last. I was hoping to connect with my two daughter's that had crossed over. She indeed came through with both of them. Deborah taught me a very valuable lesson, that I will not ever forget. She reminded me that we have earthly laws that do not exist in the heavenly realm. I am so glad I found her."
~ 3/2/2012

"Deb always helps me so much. She is so giving and accurate. She even was able to identify a past life person who has repeatedly come up in readings for many years as my current love relationship...truly brilliant...thank you..."
~ 2/23/2012

"I've been going through high stress situations for the past two years. In Aug. 2011 Deborah Lynn said my house would sell on the number 5 - that would be either May or 5 months from August. Well, her prediction was 5 months. My house contracted in Jan. 2012. She said I would close on this home and find my new one in mid February. I have done just that. The close will take place and I have a bid on my new home. We also had contractors doing work prior to the sale. I asked Deborah Lynn - should I go with the first or second. I told her she must be wrong, because I'm leaning towards the first. A couple of days later, I chose the 2nd contractor, just as Deborah Lynn predicted. She is great and comes highly recommended."
~ 2/17/2012

"Deborah - you NEVER cease to AMAZE ME. I simply said hello and you immediately asked me who Bob and Craig were. WOW - I almost fell off my chair. And, then you went onto name specific things with respect to my Mom that no one would have known including the blanket my daughter gave to her on her deathbed. You reminded me just how much my Mom is around me."
~ 2/9/2012

"Deborah Lynn11 is such a gifted woman, she is on point & she will not tell you what you want to hear, but what she see's. She is not a fake. I have had readings with many advisors and she is a must call :-)"
~ 2/1/2012

"Deborah Lynn11 is right on target with spot-on accuracy. Will talk to her again"
~ 1/16/2012

"Deborah Lynn11 is too funny, I told her my son's pick-up truck broke down and she immediately told me, it's going to be really easy to fix, all it is, is an electrical problem. She was right on. I LOVE her, she is now my go to car repair psychic LOL"
~ 1/10/2012

"Deborah Lynn11 is much more then a psychic medium, she is so incredible in making sense of chaos and turmoil. I went to her for guidance and in just a few words, she gave me the most incredible information. I am so glad I found her. I LOVE you Deborah Lynn11"
~ 1/3/2012

"For 5 months Deborah Lynn11 kept telling me my cousin was pregnant and I wouldn't believe her. I should have known better I just found out today she is 5 months pregnant, Amazing ****"
~ 1/1/2012

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