Some of My Feedback From 2011

"Deborah Lynn11 has been reading for me for over 7 years now and it's scary how accurate she has been, she amazes me with the names, places, descriptions and how. She is unlike any other I am so happy to have her in my world."

"I can't believe Deborah Lynn11 she is so amazing. Time and time again she will give me names that I have no idea who it is. Time and Time again the person she named for me previously will appear to me somehow in my life. Deborah Lynn11 is a miracle and I am so grateful to have found her."

"I had asked Deborah Lynn11 how my daughter would feel after her recent visit with an absent parent and as usual Deborah described my four year old daughter's feelings to a perfect Tee"

"Exactly as Deborah predicted my house would sell did. It had been on the market for over 2 years and I was starting to get scared. Deborah kept reassuring me not to worry that it would sell and sure enough it did. I LOVE you Deborah"
~ 12/10/2011

"I desperately wanted to contact my deceased Dad, and without a word from me, Deborah Lynn11 gave me his first and Middle name, a description of what he was doing, which was his favorite past time while he was here on earth, and as an added plus Deborah Lynn gave me my Grandfather's name of which she assured me, they were together. She is a living Angel, thank you Deborah Lynn11"
~ 11/22/2011

"Deborah Lynn11 is very gifted, in just a snap of the finger she asks me who is Gracie with all the cats telling me you are going to LOVE the Group setting here in Heaven. Gracie is my deceased Grandmother, I am 65 years old and I haven't heard from my Granny since she died in 1980 It was GREAT to hear you still have a sense of humor Granny"
~ 11/11/2011

"I had my first reading with Deborah Lynn11 about a year ago and in that reading she gave me the name, profession, appearance and how we would be exactly as she predicted happened. Thank you Deborah Lynn11"
~ 11/6/2011

"I had a reading with Deborah Lynn11 about 2 years ago and in this reading she told my deceased grandmother was coming thru and she gave me my Aunt and Uncles name with some sad news they would be coming to me about. Deborah Lynn11 was so loving, caring and compassionate with the news it made it so much easier to swallow. Indeed a year ago what Deborah predicted did come to pass exactly the way she said it would. Thank you Deborah Lynn11 for being such a living source of an Angel."
~ 11/5/2011

"Deborah Lynn11 is the most honest, accurate and compassionate Psychic Medium I have met. She tells the truth will true compassion. I needed guidance with a career move and was given sad news that I needed to start my own business. She said due to the economy, it would be very difficult to secure a job in that field , she said start your own business and that it would prosper and that is exactly what happened She first gave me the news a year ago, and now I am so glad I did listen to her."
~ 10/20/2011

"I had wanted to contact my deceased Mother and was hoping she would come through with the answer the question I had asked my mom prior to the reading. Deborah Lynn is a living angel, she gave me my Mom's name and the exact answer I was looking for from my deceased Mother. Thank you Deborah Lynn11"
~ 10/15/2011

"She never ceases to amaze me, first Deborah Lynn11 asked me who is Yvonne, I told her I don't know, then a week later I mentioned to her I went on a job interview and without me asking her, she replied you have the job and you will make X amount in wages. Just today Yvonne, told me I had the job and I would be making the exact amount Deborah Lynn11 said I would make. I so LOVE you Deborah Lynn11"
~ 10/13/2011

"Deborah Lynn was absolutely magnificent--she is UNIQUE in her ability to delve incredibly deep and provide astonishing information and insight. Right off the bat, she popped out with a name linked to the man I wanted to ask about--she moves fast and intensely-- and it is clear she will give you the full scope of your situation--the positives and the negatives so be prepared! I believe she is one of the most gifted psychics I've ever come across...her details, predictions and laser focus will blow you away"
~ 10/2/2011

"OH my Deborah Lynn11 is a true wonder. I had my first reading with her around a year ago and in that reading she told me something I did not want to hear. She said that the current man I was dating was a very unhealthy fit and that I needed to end it as soon as possible, she saw a man coming in, in around 4 months she described the man to a tee and that he would even give me his GREAT GRANDMOTHER's ring. I am so glad I listened to her, we are now planning our wedding. I LOVE you Deborah Lynn11"
~ 9/28/2011

"I have seen many psychics over the years, and each had told me they saw something terrible happen to me
when I was around 12 years old, I am now 45. None of the other psychics were able to tell me either who or what had happened, only that something terrible had happened. Well I am now able to heal and all it took was for Deborah Lynn11 to ask me who is Teri. I now know exactly what happened. You are truly an Angel Deborah Lynn11 thank you for sharing your gifts with us."
~ 9/24/2011

"I have been working in an office job as a secretary most of my life, say 30 years. Due to the current economy I was let go of my job after working for the same company for over 10 years. Needless to say I was devastated. I went to Deborah Lynn11 in search of answers and she told me it was time for me to change careers and to start looking for housecleaning work. I was so scared but after doing this for 6 months full time I am so glad I listened to her. Life could not be better. Deborah knows her stuff."
~ 9/10/2011

"Deborah Lynn11 has been reading for me now for over 10 years, she is my go to girl, whenever I am in search of the correct direction. Last week she told me that my husband and I would easily get into this new home we so desperately wanted to purchase and exactly as she said, we would rent this home with an option to buy just happened. I LOVE You Deborah Lynn11"
~ 9/6/2011

"Deborah Lynn11 brought tears to my eyes, which I must say is not an easy task. Without me saying a single word, she asks me, "Who is Nancy, that died of cancer?" I cried even harder when I said she is my Mother. Trust me Deborah Lynn11 is the real deal, I haven't ever met a psychic medium who is so tender and loving. I will be back."
~ 8/29/2011

"Thank you Deborah; You told me you saw boats and water and white trucks around my job site, and you said the name Tom last time, The job I am going into did belong to a man named Tom, He transfered out, also this job did just ccme up, and they do make a product that is sent out by ships, and it is on a bluff. Also this time you asked me who was named John, my new boss is named John."
~ 8/20/2011

"I've learned that timing is not perfect with anybody, but Deborah Lynn's predictions do come to reality. She said a decision would be made on a Tuesday. Ultimately she said August - no later than August. And she said it would be before I left for vacation. On Tuesday, Aug 9th the decision came through. I was leaving for vacation the next day. When I first got this prediction, this vacation was not planned. I only had one planned in June. Apparently it was the August time frame that prevailed. Deborah Lynn is one of the few I work with anymore."
~ 8/10/2011

"Panicked as always, I asked Deborah Lynn if I would move forward with my daughter's birthday party. People seemed to be canceling instead of accepting and I needed at least 8 children. Deborah said she saw my daughter having a great time and the party would go on and be successful. She saw about 10 children; possibly 15. Well we have 10 including my daughter so far. The party WILL go on! Thank you DL!"
~ 8/6/2011

"Deborah Lynn11 is much more then a Psychic Medium, she is a true Spiritual Guidance Counselor. Without me saying a word she asked me who is Jesse, I told her that is my daughter's step brother who she hates. She was able to guide me in the right direction and show me the way to assist my daughter in healing this hatred. She really is an angel here on earth."
~ 7/10/2011

"Deborah Lynn11 is the real deal, Without me saying a word, she accurately described the place my fiance and I are going in August 2011. I like her style."
~ 7/7/2011

"Somehow I saw Deborah Lynn11's page for the 1st time. I have researched the Internet thoroughly & was surprised to miss her page. SO-Usually i'd read a page before making a call, I only skimmed thru feedbk quick & felt strong inclination to call her. Yes, I was jaded & didnt have high expectations still. SHE PROVED ME WRONG. She answered BIG LIFE QUESTIONS. I felt undestood, not sympthized, judged, even emphatized. RARE situation for me. She made me feel connected to my HIGER SELF. LOVE IT! CALL HER."
~ 7/2/2011

"This woman is the most amazing Psychic-Medium.... she gave many Details of what was going on in my life from work to health to major events coming into my life to the Dr's exact words given to me.... There are no words to describe this woman's talent...Trust Her..Believe Her..She is so sweet and has the Gift of caring really caring about her clients....Deborah you are AMAZING!!!!!!BEAUTIFUL SOUL>>>>>>>>>Call !!!!!!!!!!!!! what she says might not make sense at the time but after years of talking with this person she's never been wrong... she is my favorite Hands Down..... Call Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love ya Deb!!!!!!!!"
~ 7/1/2011

"Remember how 2 days ago, you gave me the name Johnny and Frankie? I totally was clueless on the names, especially Frankie since I don't know any Frankie's. Well, guess what!?! I had plans to go out with friends last night and interestingly enough the name of the bar we went to was Frankie and Johnny's. GO FIGURE!!!! I just had to share that with you since I was at a complete loss the other day!"
~ 6/23/2011

"Thank you, Deborah! The best reading I ever had. You helped me find some of my life long questions. You are truly blessed."
~ 6/15/2011

"I can be really stubborn and for the past year I refused to listen to Deborah Lynn11 she kept telling me to let go and I would receive the gift I wanted so desperately. Well low and behold, exactly as she predicted happened. I was the kind of person that would need to have a two by four hit me over the head instead of a tooth pick, to get the message. I LOVE Deborah Lynn11"
~ 6/11/2011

"Exactly as Deborah Lynn11 predicted I would meet my love partner just happened. She accurately described him, gave me his name man and how we would meet. Amazing"
~ 6/2/2011

"I had my first reading with from Deborah Lynn11 about a year ago and in that reading she told me I would meet a man in the medical field in Sept and she even told me his first name and what he looked like, OH MY GOODNESS she is so accurate it is scary. I am so glad I found her. She is the real deal, thank you Deborah Lynn11!"
~ 5/18/2011

"OH my GOD Deborah Lynn11 is my life saver. A few months ago she asked me who Kate was and I told her I had no idea. Deborah knew I was really getting scared of being unemployed and she told me please put your mind to rest you will be employed in about 6 weeks. 2 days after Deborah gave me the name Kate I received a call from a woman named Kate, no kidding Kate and she asked me to come in for a job interview. Exactly when Deborah Lynn11 said I would start working is when I start working for this woman named Kate. I LOVE you Deborah Lynn you are like no other."
~ 5/17/2011

"I had my first reading with Deborah Lynn today and for sure it won't be my last. I had been feeling stressed burned out due to my being over worked with the way things will going with my job and I had no idea how I was going to get out of it. All Deborah had to say was Camera, and I knew what I was supposed to do for my career, I am going to follow my passion and show the world how to see it beautiful I LOVE Deborah Lynn11"
~ 5/14/2011

"Deborah Lynn11 told me that my husband would be hired at the job he had recently applied for. She is my guardian Angel my husband's unemployment insurance had just ran out and we were really scared about how we were going to make it. I LOVE Her!"
~ 5/2/2011

"Deborah Lynn11 is not only a Psychic Medium, she is a true Spiritual Guidance Counselor. Without a word from me, she told me you are keeping secrets, she could not have been more accurate With her assistance I know now how to bridge the gap in my family. She is a miracle worker!"
~ 4/25/2011

"Deborah Lynn11 told me that my long distance boyfriend was moving to the same state that I live in and sure enough he is moving here with me the end of this month."
~ 4/19/2011

"Deborah Lynn11 is amazing, I don't know how she does it but time and time again she comes up with names I had earlier insisted she was wrong about, she is the real deal!"
~ 4/15/2011

"My husband had been looking diligently for work for over two years and Deborah Lynn11 kept insisting he will be successful in finding work right in your neighborhood something to do with Machines, or mechanical things connected to it. Sure enough her prediction came to pass in April 2011."
~ 4/4/2011

"I don't know how Deborah Lynn does it, she is amazing at giving names. Without one single word from me, she gave me the name of a woman in my life that has been a major thorn in my side. Deborah was able to correctly direct me in what to do with this problem. She is the real deal."
~ 3/26/2011

"I had my first reading with Deborah Lynn11 today and like a shot in the dark, she asks me, who is Jerry I told her he is my uncle she then told me you are going to see him and in this trip you will meet your future husband. She is too right on, because my uncle told me he knows this man, who he thinks is perfect for me and wants me to meet. I LOVE Deborah Lynn11"
~ 3/15/2011

"For the past few months I have been scared to death over the actions of my soon to be ex-husband. Deborah Lynn11 kept saying I am hearing the words, he is doing a disappearing act and sure enough, this prediction came to pass today."
~ 3/14/2011

"I saw Deborah Lynn11 on February 18, 2011 for a reading I had come to her for information about finding a job. She immediately gave me the name Michelle and I told her I didn't know any Michelle. Well low and behold on March 8, 2011 I was hired for a job by a Michelle. Deborah Lynn11 is awesome."
~ 3/9/2011

"Ms Deborah is incredible! she gives names dates feelings and descriptions with no . her accuracy is truly real I'm blessed"
~ 2/13/2011

"All I said to Deborah Lynn11 is Hi and she replied he is coming home.  Those were the exact words he said to me the night before.  She is someone you can count on for sure She is my go to girl"
~ 2/11/2011   

"Without me saying a single word, Deborah Lynn11 told me I needed to go to the Dentist, I had an appointment the very next morning.  She is for real"
~ 2/8/2011

"Deborah Lynn has visualized everything I experienced today, in the court room. Over the past 3 or 4 weeks, she saw the other lawyer dropping the ball, which gave his client a disadvantage, the judge reprimanding them for lack of preparation and ruling against them. Although this business is unfinished, I look forward to Deborah Lynn's very accurate predictions in the near future. She also pointed out the lack of common sense the other lawyer has and it couldn't be more obvious. Thanks DL - you're a life saver."
~ 2/3/2011

"Deborah Lynn11 is amazing  I don't know how she does it, she gave me two names, a street name and the name of the place I would get my new job at.  I LOVE her"
~ 1/29/2011 

"Deborah Lynn11 is definitely fantastic with the names - named most of the important people in my life! The numerology reading also yielded fascinating info. Described my personality very accurately and predicted some interesting things for my life! Great reading!!"
~ 1/27/2011

"As usual talking with Deborah Lynn has given me a better understanding of what's truly going on in my life. J is mine, the sooner I accept that instead of giving into fear the better off I'll be! Deborah Lynn eases my mind, everything makes perfect sense after we get off the phone. I love her!"
~ 1/24/2011

"Thank you for amazing me again, Deborah Lynn! You said that we are getting the short end of the stick in our current positions and would be leaving at the end of our contracts, mostly due to policy differences....IT IS HAPPENING exactly the way you said it would"
~ 1/2/2011

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