Some of My Feedback From 2009

"Deborah Lynn11 I have to share with you about what you said about an "Angel" watching over Mike, by the name of Gabriel. You aren't going to believe this but it IS the absolute truth!!! I know you were referring to a spiritual Angel, but one of Mike's teachers, has been acting as Asst. Principal during Mike's recent absence ). This teacher happens to be from South Africa and GUESS WHAT his name is:??? Angel Gabriel!!!"

"I asked Deborah Lynn11 if the realtor we were working with was the right one and she replied I am sorry but I am hearing no. Then she asked me who Graham was and I told her OMG OMG you are awesome, he is the agent we worked with several years ago and he is awesome. Indeed we are going back to him. I Love you Deborah Lynn11"

"Deborah Lynn11 told me five months before it happened that my son would be chosen for a specific Soccer team and indeed he was. She is amazing."

"I have had several readings with Deborah Lynn11 and this by far was the best. Without me saying a word she told me I was pregnant, she then gave me my deceased Grandfather's name and that he comes bearing gifts. She is the real deal."

"Deborah Lynn11 told me my brother in law would be here with my sister in their new home before Thanksgiving and that I was not to worry about it, sure enough they made it."

"OH MY GOD Deborah Lynn11 is the bomb. In the first 5 minutes of my first reading with her,she said someone is screaming the name George at me, I smiled at her and said he is my former boss, now client. I asked her why well she replied, he is going to invite you to a party, make sure you go. Well I told her, he already has, and that I wasn't sure I should go, I know now I am supposed to. I LOVE You Deborah Lynn11"

"I had a reading with Deborah Lynn11 the end of October 2009 and in that reading she asked me who Sarah was, I told her she was a fellow class mate of mine Well Deborah Lynn11 told me to contact her regarding setting up a class study with her. Well to my surprise 2 weeks later I received an Email from Sarah asking me to start up a class studying group. Amazing"

"I was really worried about losing my home due to lack of work for two years, but Deborah Lynn11 assured me that things were changing and exactly as she predicted I was given a new perfect job and can now save my home."

"I have been receiving Psychic Readings from Deborah Lynn11 since 2001 she is the most LOVING, wise and accurate Psychic Medium I ever been to, you should treat yourself to a reading with her."

"I had a reading with Deborah Lynn11 about a year ago and like magic she predicted my now Fiance. She gave me his name and his exact description. She is amazing. I Love you Deborah Lynn11"

"Deborah Lynn11 is the real deal, within one minute of our reading she gave me my deceased cousin's husbands, brother's and brand new baby's name. She is incredible."

"Thank you Deborah for always telling the truth even when it hurts however I know this too shall pass I LOVE YOU"

"Deborah Lynn11 is truly a gifted Medium, without me saying one word to her in the first minute of the reading she gave me my Deceased Mother's name, grandmother's name and my Dad's I am in shock, Never have I had this happen. She even gave me specific information about each of them to enforce it even more. Amazing"

"Deborah Lynn11 insisted for the past year, not for me to worry about this specific court case I was involved in. The case took many different roads along the way, and kept me really worrying about it. Deborah simply ignored the negative and indeed just like she has always told me, we did win the court case I LOVE her"

"Deborah Lynn11 has Great energy and great accuracy with names, dates, and people! I have been calling Deborah Lynn for years and will continue calling again and again and again! Thank you"

"This Medium is unbelievable she names, names like no other, in just seconds she gave me 3 deceased relatives names without me saying anything. Deborah Lynn11 is my go to girl"

"Deborah Lynn11 accurately predicted the sale of my home and she even gave me the accurate price of what it was going to sale for."

"Deborah Lynn11 is so gifted, she knew I wanted to be in business for myself, but how did she know that I wanted to write books about fantasy. I am definitely going to listen to her and start writing these books"

"Without me saying a word, Deborah Lynn11 knew that my daughter was having a baby and Deborah even gave me the name of the father and the name the parent's chose for the baby Unbelievable"

"Deborah Lynn11 always know the truth, and her ability is amazing. She can dig deeper and reach places like no one else. She has given me at least 4 names of men that I was going to meet and they all manifested just like she predicted She is truly One of a Kind. I will remember the names she gave me in this reading today as I know they will appear just like they have in the past."

"Deborah Lynn11 told me my husband had a twin who died at birth, I had no idea because my husband said nobody knows about this except myself and my Mother she is remarkable"

"Deborah Lynn11 asked me who Gregory was, I told her he is my brother in law, then she asked me who Esther was, I didn't know and I just found out she is Gregory's deceased Aunt who had heart trouble just like Gregory does, she is beyond awesome."

"I've been speaking with Deborah Lynn11 for more than five years now. She has predicted my marriage, the home I now live in, past jobs. She recently predicted I would pass an exam the second time around, after initially failing. She was right. She is unlike any other reader as she really does name, names."

"Deborah Lynn11 told me a few months ago I would be receiving two thousand dollars from my ex-husband I actually doubted her and dismissed the statement from her, I know better now, because I was told yesterday I am receiving two thousand dollars from my ex-husband just like she predicted."

"Deborah Lynn11 told me two and a half years ago I would be reuniting with my wife, who simply left me without a word well she was right we are back together now and finally working on our communication just like she predicted."

"In March of 2009 I came to Deborah Lynn11 unemployed deeply in debt and scared. The first thing she asked me was who is Thomas neither of us knew who he was well guess what? I am now working for a Thomas, she is a miracle in the works."

"Right on target. I got him to sign the document today! You predicted he would sign this paper Tuesday or Wednesday. It is done! Your predictions continually increase in accuracy. Just when I was losing all hope. You were right. Thanks again Deborah Lynn11 You are special."

"Deborah Lynn11 definitely hit on many things. An absolute joy to speak with. Gives much hope & positive energy. Gave names, dates and times of predictions."

"Deborah Lynn11 is a true Medium, without any probing from me, she gave me the names of 3 deceased relatives and she accurately described their personalities to a tee. She is like no other Medium, she really does name, names."

"Right on target. I got him to sign the document today! You predicted he would sign this paper Tuesday or Wednesday. It is done! Your predictions continually increase in accuracy. Just when I was losing all hope. You were right. Thanks again Deborah Lynn. You are special."

"Not sure how you do it Deborah Lynn11 but you are SOOO good with the names!! Excellent Just like you predicted within 3 days this guy named Robert appeared out of the blue. Thanks"

"I had a reading with Deborah Lynn11 in February 2009 and she told me not to worry about my son who had just enlisted in the Army, because he was NOT going to Iraq or any other country to war. I just received the news today that she was 100 % correct she is the real deal. Thank you"

"I had a reading with Deborah Lynn11 on 4/14/2009 and in that reading she gave me two names that I had no idea who they were. Well like magic one name appeared to me today and the other one a few days ago. Both names were a direct connection to why I called her. She is awesome I will be contacting her again."

"Deborah Lynn11 told me my boyfriend and I would be back together before the end of April. Well indeed she was right, after 1 month of no word like magic he called me on 4/20/2009 and we had a wonderful date last night. I love you Deborah Lynn"

"This was my second reading with Deborah Lynn11, as I was totally amazed by the name she gave me in our last reading. Out of the blue with no hint from me, she asks me who is George? I about dropped to the floor, this was my former true Love who I hadn't spoke to since 2005 and just like she predicted, he called me before the month of April was over. I am totally in awe of her gifts."

"Deborah Lynn11 has been a trusted advisor for me for several years. She is honest and caring in sharing what she sees/hears/feels...take notes because it may not seem to make sense at first. Thank you for another great reading, I look forward--as always, to watching it unfold as you said. Call her, you will be glad you did......"

"Deborah Lynn11 has read for me a few times and the last time she read for me, she said that she saw "a circus tent" where I would begin my career after the new year. Well, I was lovingly guided right to a place where I will begin my career. It's in Minnetonka and a beautiful space - and when I drove up to it I thought "It looks like a circus tent!" But, of course, divine amnesia had set in as I entered and the events unfolded. But, I remembered today as I am gathering all my things that I need to start my practice, and I remembered!"

"WOW! AMAZING! I'm a first time caller and I'm just AMAZED by Deborah's unique gift! I've talked to many advisors, but Deborah IS THE ONE! She is highly connected to her spirit guides. With just ONE CALL Deborah CHANGED MY LIFE! She's a catalyst for your personal and spiritual growth! She tells you what you need to do to succeed in life.and she tells you your purpose in this life. She conveyed a message to me that other psychics years ago revealed to just wasn't my time. You are a true God sent Deborah! Thank you a million times! God bless, "

"Deborah Lynn has been predicting for me for several years now from my marriage to my job change to my daughter to my new house. About a year or so ago she saw me working from home, at least more than I was back then. My current job allows me to work from home 3 days and I am doing exactly that. She saw my bright living room and kitchen area and the outside of my partial stucco house. She told me my daughter would get a phone call for an audition in February 2009. And she did. These are just some of the magnificent predictions DL has made. Give her a call and give her a chance. She will surprise you."

"Deborah Lynn11 is by far the best. She delivers the messages that you need to hear. Not what you want to hear. I was just laid off from work and like magic, Deborah Lynn11 advised me on what to do in a snap of a finger. I now have peace of mind, a direction to go and my life is filled with Love call her you won't be disappointed."

"This was my first reading with Deborah Lynn11 and for sure it won't be my last one. She is the real deal. She pops names out like you wouldn't believe She named my ex husband's name, his dad's name, my deceased grandmother's name, and my Great Grand Father's name all with out any probing from me."

"Deborah Lynn11 gave me a fantastic reading , immediately she went into giving me messages that I greatly appreciated to ear and answers to my very specific question, this woman is a MUST CALL, she named names and channeled very important information for me, I do recommend you call Deborah hands down, be open and let her read your energy and be specific asking questions, this woman will astonish you with her answers, you won't be disappointed."

"Deborah Lynn11 is a great psychic! She won't tell you what you want to hear, but she is ALWAYS(!) truthful. I call her every two or three months for an update (AND that kick in the butt). if you want the truth, please call her, you won't be disappointed!"

"I spoke to Deborah Lynn11 on 1/13/2009 and I didn't know who she was talking about - but something has happened to make things that you saw make COMPLETE sense. I believe what you saw is starting to happen. AMAZING"

"Deborah Lynn11 was amazing! Within 3 seconds she asked me, "Who is Robert?" He is my grandfather who just recently crossed over. She kept mentioning names of so many of my family members. She also gave me some very valuable information about my ex-husband. Deborah Lynn11 has given me vital information that will help me financially in my real life. This is information that I have been looking for for over 2 years and I have spoken with several psychics and none of them were able to give me the information that Deborah did. I definitely will be calling her again! She is the real deal!!!"

"I always enjoy my calls to Deborah Lynn11 She had told me my ex-girlfriend was coming back, and she in fact, did, but..while I was waiting, I fell in love with someone even better. I am confident that her predictions with my new love will come true as well."

"This was my very first reading with Deborah Lynn11 had it certainly won't be my last. I had come to her in hopes of hearing from my Deceased son and low and behold he came shining through. Deborah Lynn11 described perfectly the flower garden, with the trellis and the exact color of the flowers in this garden that I had dedicated to my son after his unexpected death"

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