Some of My Feedback From 2008

"I had a reading with Deborah Lynn11 in November 2007, and I inquired about my work and she had to deliver an answer I did not want to hear however she advised me not to look at the door closed and see the new one opening for you in December 2008 and indeed exactly as she predicted I am now being paid to go to school, to start a new position in four months with better pay. Deborah Lynn11 is truly a living Angel."

"I have been having some difficulty with my son, who is 18 and I had no idea why. Deborah Lynn11 asked me who is the alcoholic in your family? I knew immediately what the problem was as soon as Deborah said the word alcoholic, it's a roommate in our home. Oh my Deborah is awesome, like no others I have ever been acquainted with before."

"I had been at a loss on what I was truly here on earth to be doing as a career, Deborah Lynn11 told me I had forgotten a promise I had made to myself 15 years ago, All she did was give me the name of the teacher, and I knew instantly what she was referring to. That was a year ago she told me this and I am now happy to say I found myself through Deborah Lynn11 she is beyond words. I am so happy I found her."

"Deborah Lynn11 is the best of the best. She told me I would obtain this sofa that I had only dreamed of for my new home as it was just way to expensive, She told me when I would get it and how much I would pay for it, she hit it twice, exactly spot on as she had predicted."

"Deborah Lynn11 is always good to talk to..Very accurate and detailed. I found a good one here who has all the answers. If you want to know the truth call her..Many Stars."

"Deborah Lynn11 gives you great information. very powerful messages. She is a true source from the infinite light, I will call again."

"Deborah Lynn is not available a whole lot, but if you get a chance to get a reading with her, do it, I know you won't be disappointed, call her! She truly cares and she will tell you EXACTLY what you need to know! Trust me! She will give you only the information that she receives. She won't make stuff up to make you happy. You'll love her!!!!"

"I had my first reading with Deborah Lynn11, and trust me she is the real deal. In the first 5 minutes of my reading with her, she gave me my deceased Mom's name, my deceased Dad's name, my living Daughter's name and described their personality to a perfect Tee. She will be hearing from me again."

"Ok. So, my eyes are all watered up. I have been impressed before, but never so much as now! My ex-girlfriend is with a new guy and it has been killing me. DL told me that she would be back with me, and normally I would think, "Yeah, ok. That's what they ALL say to keep you calling back." The only difference is, she gave me the NAME OF THE GUY SHE IS SEEING!!! So, there's my reference point in KNOWING that she knows what she is talking about!!! She also touched on what the problem in our relationship was. Again, 100% CORRECT! She's a real sweetheart. You can tell she really cares. Thank you so much Deborah Lynn!!! I look forward to speaking with you again."

"We have been waiting to have the contract of sale of our home purchase approved for a long time now. Last week Deborah Lynn said we would hear within 2 - 3 days and we did. We were approved, just as she affirmed. She initially said the house is "Yours" and she has been saying that for more over month now...way before the contract was actually approved. Gotta give her a call. She only tells you what she hears and sees......she doesn't make stuff up. She tells you like it is."

"Over the last 6 years DL has been a phenomenal gift to me and my life. She's told me things that although didn't make sense at the time(ALWAYS TAKE NOTES TRUST ME) completely and totally panned out later. I'm quite the cynic, and it takes a lot to impress me or make me a believer, but she is the real deal and my best kept secret. Thank you for another wonderful and in depth reading Deborah Lynn11, You are greatly appreciated in my world! Best!"

"She is a blessing in the highest sort of the word. Oh my gosh. She always remembers you and her gift is super strong. She gives you affirmations and even knew what I was doing just prior to us talking and I didn't say anything, but hi. Because of her my life and love life is back on track. I can't say enough about her. 1,000,000 STARS...1,000,000 percent gifted. Worth every single penny. THANKS SO MUCH DEBORAH LYNN 11 !! "

"Deborah Lynn11 is beyond awesome always I had spoke to her yesterday and another name came for me like magic I don't know how she does it. I know it will all make sense soon. Thank you so much for all your help. I know he will be back."

"Hi Deborah Lynn11, I want you to know that you told me two names last night that I would see or people I would meet or call. Well today I got an email from a guy named Christopher wondering how I was doing. Then at my job today I had to make sales calls and on my list was a lady named Judith. Wow is all I can say, you are amazing. Thank you and if you come up with any new names coming around me let me know."

"Thank YOU Deborah Lynn11, We just signed the contract on our new home last week, just like you said we would. I look forward to all of your wonderful predictions. As you know, we've gone through many tough times and can't wait to be happy together. 5 million stars for you."

"Deborah Lynn11 Thank you for the reading, it gives me chills when you know who I am as soon as I say Hello and I only talk to you every few months. You amaze me! Given that your predictions have always come to pass over the last 6 years I am really looking forward to this latest one. For new clients who are picking out an advisor, Trust Me, I have called a lot of Psychics and No one delivers like she does or with the accuracy. Thank you"

"Gorgeous, one of a kind reading! Insightful and extremely personalized. Deborah Lynn keyed in to the situation accurately and quickly. She batted 2 for 2 within the first minute on names of people close to me... the validation was wonderful! Thank you for the messages Deborah Lynn11."

"I've been talking to Deborah Lynn11 for a LONG time and obviously for good reason. Over a week ago, you mentioned several names. One name was Jerry. This is the name of the mortgage guy I ended up using and I hadn't even found my house at that point. Then you mentioned Mike. This is my Home owner insurance guy. Then you mentioned this woman Jane while I asked what my career is supposed to be. Jane is my mentor for a writing course. So, I would definitely speak to Deborah Lynn. She throws out names and they do end up having meaning. Everything is coming together and makes sense since she gave me these names. Thanks so much!"

"Oh my goodness, Deborah Lynn11 is the ultimate in delivering psychic messages. I spoke with Deborah Lynn11 in Nov of 2007 and in that reading she gave me two names and descriptions of men, one I knew and the other I didn't well low and behold 3 days later I met the man Deborah predicted would come through with the man I knew. She accurately described both of them to a tee. I am now steadily dated the new man, I met through the old friend."

"Deborah Lynn11's reading style is different but really detailed. She came up with some validations that I don't think I have ever experienced in a mediumship read. She came up with his middle name, the name of a large street a block from where I live, an eeiry physical and personality description of the man in question...he does have a head on the small side...She described the person he is currently involved with to a tee. She described my hair length and hair color.( she has not ever met me in person) She gave me a very detailed account of what will happen between us in the future and what came before. It was a WOW read. Call her, it will be quite an amazing"

"Deborah Lynn11 knew names pertaining to the person I was calling about- very precise about and how one can know that is true reader= very in tuned. thank you I was confused at what to do- with my life in regards to it, but after speaking with Deborah Lynn11 I know now, it will all turn out perfect."

"Oh my gosh. Deborah Lynn11 is beyond amazing. She knew stuff that she had no way of knowing. She knew the man I love has a brother that is already in heaven (he died while still being carried by his mother in her womb) She sees John and I am coming together. We will be together. We will have children. He does love me. I have to improve my confidence, but it will happen. She's terrific."

"WOW! THREE names of people who have passed. And THREE more names, here on earth. Deborah Lynn11 also gave another name that has come up in other readings She always gives me a great overview of who I am and the path I am on. I always leave with a wonderful sense of insight and hope. She gave me a special gift tonight, and it was just a small part of the reading but a big LEAP for me. Thanks and God bless!"

"I just want to thank you for the wonderful article on Deborah Lynn11. When will we be able to get her book. I met her at the edge expo a few years back. My girl friend picked her out of the ads she had in your paper. I saw on Deborah's web site that she is giving classes. Please keep us posted on what this great lady's is doing. Just love her."

"Unbelievable .Yesterday when I called Deborah Lynn11 kept saying the word Lab, and asked if I worked in a lab which I completely and totally don't. My job has nothing to do with them....Today, a new job opportunity at my company involves me going to an offsite for training at a LAB! I almost fell over...Deborah Lynn11 are Just Incredible. I'm speechless."

"Awesome ! Deborah Lynn11 is an Amazing Reader full of Insight and Knowledge. Things just pop out of her so take note! Deborah, will always get to the root of things and help you achieve things. She's my Favorite Reader for life! Thanks Darling, ! Awesome ! Awesome ! Awesome ! Awesome !"

"Oh my goodness about a month ago Deborah Lynn11 told me my boyfriend is going to purpose marriage to me and indeed he did today. Deborah Lynn11 is beyond words. I LOVE you Deborah Lynn11"

"Deborah Lynn11 is wonderful. She told me in March 2008 that I would hear from my ex-boyfriend in June 2008 and indeed I did today. Deborah Lynn11 is the real deal. I will be calling her again soon."

"Have you full name ready and get ready for great information!! Deborah Lynn11 gave me a lot of information that was just shocking and amazing in a great way. I am going to follow her instructions and call her back after my "assignments" are done. She is AMAZING! You won't be disappointed."

"Wonderful spirit ... You will learn so much from Deborah Lynn and grow in a spiritual way. Trust her methods and knowledge! She's a wonderful human being and goes beyond her call of duty to help and assist you wisely! Thank You Deborah, its always a great pleasure when you read for me. I Look forward to speaking with you Again!"

"Deborah Lynn11 is Very informative. Accurate prediction right after I got off the phone with her predication came to pass. How is that for accuracy!!! I love talking to her."

"A few days ago I called Deborah and before I could say anything at all she told me that the message she was told to give me was "You are not damaged goods". That was EXACTLY what I was calling for."

"Deborah Lynn11 is an awesome reader. She connects with you in a way that other advisers don't. Deborah gives advise not just on the "yes, you're going to be together." She guides you and advises you on what you can do to make it happen. What I absolutely admire about her is her honesty. I feel she is worth calling, you just have to be open to what she has to say and how she says it."

"I had a secret that I have been hiding Deborah Lynn11 told it all. She told me about my past alcohol problem and my relationship with my brother and about my relationship with my current boyfriend. I'm a very private person OMG thank you no advisor has known about my secret and about my pregnancy."

"Deborah Lynn11 is a pure connection to the Spirit World. She gave me several names in my reading with here that were totally unbelievable, beyond amazing. I had a friend who committed suicide and he came through clear and present he even gave Deborah his best friend's name who is still living. This is unbelievable. The man who committed suicide gave the most important message that we now all can put our minds to rest and not worry about him ever again. I am amazed."

"I am going to look back on this experience with you, Deborah Lynn11 and among other things, say that you were a pivotal teacher of mine."

"I called Deborah Lynn to see if I could hear from my recently deceased Mother, boy was I in for a surprise. Within one minute of the conversation, Deborah gave me 3 very important names of very close LOVED ones connected to my Mom She gave me 2 specific colors that were on my Mom's last Birthday Cake. She confirmed a very important message that my Mom gave me, to let me know she was around. No kidding Deborah Lynn11 is the real deal. I will be contacting her again."

"I highly recommend Deborah Lynn. I've been speaking with her for a few years or more. She predicted my father in law would sell his house in March. He received an offer in early March. She is a delight to speak with and tells it as is."

"OH My Goodness, I was feeling so lost and didn't have a direction in my life. I was going through a really bad time with the ending of my marriage after being married for 20 years. Deborah Lynn11 gave me a specific name and date and completely turned my life around. She is beyond amazing. I am so glad I found her."

"Great stuff, Deborah Lynn11 predicted the call I received from a long- lost love, gave me time frames for us as a couple: March/April to meet, Spring for a planned getaway, June possibly living together, change of scenery in June including change of residence and state (!), 4th of July a significantly good day."

"Deborah spits out so many names you have difficulty trying to keep up. A lot of great detail is provided about each person, including what to expect. Fantastic reading."

"There are not enough words to describe Deborah Lynn's brilliance She gave me a reading that I have never had with any other psychic. I will surely make her one of my favorite. If you want to know what's really true call her. If you want guidance with your life call her. She is truly a blessing and I can't thank her enough for the advice she gave me. She is the real deal. Thank you Deborah Lynn"

"Deborah is totally Awesome and I felt the chills too ! Excellent reader with a great sense of humor. Very detailed and a great soul of freshness. "what she sees, you receive" believe it! She really does power my mind with positive answers and predictions. I am always left with great information that helps me grow and achieve my goals in life! Wonderful caring soul she is. Love you lots and lots !!!"

"OMG Deborah Lynn11 is the bomb,all she asked was for my date of birth & off she went. She named & described my deceased father, she even saw my mother building her log cabin, which is true.she even knew my business is indeed blossoming. She is the REAL DEAL !!! I would definitely recommend her, CALL her."

"I had the most wonderful reading with Deborah Lynn. SHe is the female Dr. Phil, with a twist. Her predictions are amazing. Right down to the names. I had another person validate the same man, and the fact of another child in the future if i so choose, though he saw twins which scared me to death it was a nice thought. She tells it like it is, with love, compassion and humor. She has grown to be a kind dear friend and advisor, I enjoy speaking and listening to her, she has taught me so much. I just absolutely LOVE HER!"

"The most amazing woman...I am telling anyone who reads this that I have been a customer of psychics for many years and I can truly day that this is it. I highly recommend her she new within seconds what my issue was and how to fix it she also spoke about my cousin who has been trying to get me to call him for months now she is amazing and can tell you things that not many can. I highly recommend her."

"This woman immediately channels in rewind and fast forward. She picks up things that once mentioned make such sense I can't believe how I didn't realize it before. She surely is a must call. Feb 10 and Feb 15th are my milestones. "

"I "HAVE" had the most Amazing Reading with Deborah Lynn! I "HAVE" a teacher in life. I "HAVE" the Patients... I "Have" the gift to reach my goals. I "HAVE" an amazing relationship and Happiness and wealth in my life. I "HAVE" great respect for Deborah Lynn and I "HAVE" Learnt so much from her today. I "HAVE" a great connection with Deborah Lynn. I "HAVE" pleasure and joy in my life. I "HAVE" the best, gifted soul helping me. Deborah Lynn is truly amazing and you must " Listen " to everything she tells you. "Listen" and you will all "HAVE" everything in life! Deborah, you are awesome and you deliver more than anyone could expect. I "HAVE" it all. Thank You !"

"This was my first call with Deborah Lynn. She came highly recommended to me by a friend. I have to say I was amazed by the connection we formed. She gave me very specific dates and names to look for in the coming year. I am supposed to meet my love partner, Bill, in June or September. I was very impressed with the fact that she knew certain things without me telling her anything. I also liked her pleasant disposition and sincere personality. I had a wonderful experience with this reader. I hope you do too!"

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