Some of My Feedback From 2007

"If Deborah Lynn says it is, believe me it is going to happen. REALLY. 3x she has said things will happen and three times they have. Excellent. I was very pleased with my "Christmas" bonus and the man I have been desiring to phone phoned. She is excellent, intelligent, and beyond intuitive!"

"Deborah, A big Thank you for your guidance. I put you in a position that seemed difficult but you gave such outstanding and a great deeper level of this reading. I know I put in you a position you didn't like being in but you gave me so much more than you can ever imagine. I shall inform you of the situation and a big thank you for helping me with this tough tough question ! God bless you You are Amazing and very very devoted to your customers."

"Deborah is such a lovely energy, and she is an excellent reader and medium. She gave me six names, and all of them meant something to me. She touched on three things specific to my life without my prompting. She eased my mind about somebody special to me. I'll call again and leave updated feedback when the predictions come true. Thank you. Many, many stars for DL"

"Deborah Lynn11 you were correct about my health, I will follow your see connection soon,.I hope it will. Thanks Deborah for your support ,you are always accurate in my case.Talk to you soon."

"I was concerned about moving from my apartment and not being close to work however Deborah Lynn11 said don't worry you are moving 5 minutes away from where you are now. I really doubted her at the time as I thought this was impossible. I should have known better, come to find out she was right. I just moved into a new apartment exactly 5 minutes away from where I lived before. You are absolutely wonderful Deborah Lynn11, a million thank you's to you!"

"Deborah Lynn11 is truly gifted. I did not get the answer I was hoping for, however, she was awesome! She was able to pick up on the street my father lives on, my son's name and my brother's name!! She was very accurate!!! Definitely give her a call! She's very honest in her reading!"

"I am a first time caller. I rang, Deborah Lynn11 answered and asked for my birth date and in 30 seconds said "whose R*****"? Whose J****? I was floored as I was calling about R***** and J**** is a brother long deceased. I never said a word, she said it for me. Very impressive."

"Oh my goodness, Deborah Lynn11 was right again. About 2 weeks ago I had my second reading with her and in that call she told me I was pregnant and sure enough I just found out I am 6 weeks pregnant. I don't know how she does it, but she does, She is the real deal."

"Wow! Deborah Lynn11 is amazing! She picked up that I went to the doctor recently and I did! She also picked up that the person in question is thinking about starting his own business as well as many of his personality traits very very accurately. I will keep you posted on this! Thank you! "

"I spoke to Deborah Lynn11 about one week ago and she warned me of this guy attempting to take some money, she gave me his first name, not a very common one and an exact description of him and sure enough it happened. She is beyond awesome I have not ever experienced a reading as accurate as this before I will be contacting her again. "

"This lady is on the money. She gave me, during our last call the name of a person or place. I had no idea. My friend arrived within two days and told me where he had been. EXACTLY where Deborah Lynn11 said, that is where!!! She is outstanding. Honest, I can't wait for the rest"

"WOW! Names upon names! Seven-plus I already knew and two for the future! Totally accurate about my present-day situation, with wonderful solutions for me to find my balance and happiness. A healing session, an accurate session, and most importantly a session that helped me find solutions and answers!"

"I had always known that I had spirits or ghosts living in my home and always wondered what their names were well Deborah Lynn11 and one other psychic have given me the same names of Sarah and Benjamin. They both told me that they are sweethearts and there is nothing to be afraid of, I know they are right because I can feel it. Thank you Deborah Lynn11."

"Can she name names? Oh my yes yes yes, Deborah Lynn11 is awesome during our reading she gave me the name of my deceased Uncle and the state that he had lived in 40 years ago. Oh my this Psychic Medium is beyond words. I am so happy I found her."

"Deborah Lynn11 I can't believe what you said to me in the first 3 minutes of our reading the two names that I had questions about, you are beyond amazing. I have been to many Psychic Mediums but none like you. I will listen to the Spiritual Guidance you gave me, regarding these two men. You are simply Amazing."

"Deborah Lynn tuned into my life very quickly. I'm going to take her instruction. I felt "truth" when she spoke. I will definitely call her back again."

"Deborah Lynn11 was 100% accurate with some things that another psychic had also predicted 2 years ago. She is amazing and provides great insight, advice and names. I highly recommend her!"

"Deborah Lynn11 was pretty impressive ! She asked me for my DOB and then predicted a trip with someone ( I'm going with Boyfriend) but I didn't tell her that ! and then predicted the closing of my property before the end of August She was right I did today . She's definitely gifted."

"I could not write fast enough! Amazing reading thank you! I am speechless Deborah picked up on many things going on in my life and gave me the strength to make a decision. I can't wait for the prediction to come true in Oct-Nov. First time caller - she is wonderful - she picked up on my Grandmother, described her and named names - she gave me messages that I know were from my grandmother. That was real she even gave me a name of a person that I spoke with the very next day for the first time."

"Deborah Lynn11 is beyond amazing. I spoke with her in July 2007 in that reading she gave me 3 names all of whom I wasn't sure I knew, because the one Uncle was called another name, however Deborah named him his legal name. she said I was going to see them ( which I couldn't understand as I had no plans to go there, 1500 miles away) and indeed I did one month later just as she predicted. She is the real deal."

"Deborah Lynn11 You were totally right on the money when you told me in April that I would be attending graduate school in Chicago. I didn't think it was possible, but the doors opened for me at the last minute. I think that you've been right on the mark with me so much I should stop making other decisions!! You are Awesome."

"Deborah Lynn11 you are amazing to say the least. In this one hour reading within the first 15 minutes you gave me ten names of my deceased relatives going back 3 generations. I can't believe you did that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing me so much LOVE."

"Deborah Lynn11 you are absolutely wonderful predicted a stop bye from a person exact time of day and within two days wow. I highly recommend her awesome lady. Thank you! "

"Oh Deborah Lynn11 you are so amazing. I needed an answer to a relationship problem that keeps occurring, and You asked me who this guy was. As soon as i heard the name, I knew what the problem was with the relationship, You are one in a million thank you for being you."

"Deborah Lynn11 You had mentioned a couple of weeks back that I would close on my home the first week of July. As of this moment, I am scheduled to close on Monday the 2nd. You are awesome! Talk to you soon."


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