Some of My Feedback From 2006

"Deborah Lynn11 is truly one in a million. In less then one minute of the readings he asked me, "Who is Betty and Who is Michael?" Well Betty is my dear deceased Aunt, and Michael is my husband. Wow this woman really is for real. I am so glad I found her."

"Deborah Lynn11 is the Absolute best. She told me something about a child and pregnancy that I did not want to believe. It was true..She told me this person asked about me to his turned out to be true..She is so gifted..tells you the truth no matter what"

"I would give Deborah Lynn11 1 million stars if I could she is The Best!!!!! She said he would call me Tuesday and he did!!!!! I Love Her!!!!!! "

"Deborah Lynn11 is absolutely fabulous. She told me in a reading in June 2005 that my ex-boyfriend, who I was sure was gone forever, would be back and sure enough just like Deborah said he came back and now we are getting married. She is absolutely miraculous!!!! I LOVE you Deborah"

"This lady is absolutely wonderful....She is so accurate and her energy is so direct and to the point. I trust her and am confident in her words....Thank DL I will talk with you soon."

"Thanks, it was great to talk to you again! Call her, she is sincere and gives details as she senses them. I always write the names down to ponder later. She picked up on a pregnancy that was just announced in my family. Love talking to Deborah Lynn!"

"WOW! She told me the name of my boyfriend and knew exact details about him and me. She told me time frames that I hope are right but suspect that they are right on target. Very easy to talk to and very friendly. Thanks so much Deborah Lynn."

"Good reading. I was confused at first, then I realized she was reading on my EX (whose still actively in my life)Deborah Lynn11 is very correct."

"Deborah see things when I'm not even on the phone with you. I finally remembered the name Daniel - he is my realtor. Thank you so much, as always."

"Truly gifted and knowledgeable. A MUST call. She has the ability to logically look at the situation but also receives many messages from Spirit. Very accurate for my situations and gave great guidance for moving forward. THANK YOU!!"

"Deborah was very comforting to talk to and hit some true spots to certain things. I still have chills and shakes in my body after speaking with her....she is a great psychic!!!"

"Oh My fun, first 2 names were right on. No coincidence she gave me detail and explanation for my current state, the best, ill definitely call again, if you want names....this is your girl. Deborah Lynn11 the last 2 names....will let ya know...Bless you"

"Deborah Lynn11 warned me about him 2 years ago...well finally its over and I know I had to go through it myself. Thank you for guiding me yet never judging me and letting me learn my own lessons. I look forward to your continued guidance!"

"I've been sitting here trying to think of the marvelous, awesome, splendid, incredible, spectacular words to describe this wonderful spiritual beautiful lady and the reading I received! The names she gave me were my son & uncle! Thank you. I am so grateful I found Deborah Lynn11 AWESOME!!!!!"

"AMAZING Deborah Lynn11 gave me the FIRST and MIDDLE name of my love match without giving her any info. What a gem with such a gift! Thanks so much for your insight and perspective! I really appreciate it."

"She is amazing..She was seeing an event to happen this early fall with a love in a park near me and we would be walking by an old carousel. I kept insisting that there was no carousel near me as I lived in this area for 1 1/2 years and have never seen it..Well as I was talking to her I looked up the park near me on the internet and to my surprise, they do have a carousel which was built in 1903!!! How could she have known that..If she saw that, I really hope what sees with my love is going to happen!"

"Thank you AGAIN. Your insight and DETAILS are amazing. Fast and amazing descriptions of person and events...names too. You read me a month ago and I HAD TO CALL AGAIN. This reading: He intended to call, but very not take personally! He's much taller, nurturing & tenderness, chokes up when expressing feelings, week of loner, he's definitely getting married again. You clearly saw him coming to me at work with small, colorful flowers. Your reading helps to fill in the gaps for me....AMAZING PSYCHIC ABILITIES!"

"Amazing reader. She picked up on my son's name during the reading. Helped me to understand my situation and very, very gifted!"

"Wow! One of the most unusual readings I have had. Deborah Lynn picked up on family names and illness's. Amazing! Really didn't get time to fully answer what I called about though. Will call again and take your advice. Thanks."

"Wonderful reading, she even picked up on my nephew's name that had passed in a car accident. She really blew me away. thank you very much."

"I called Deborah Lynn today because she told me the truth several months ago...even when I didn't want to hear it. I left no feedback. She was able today to accurately interpret a dream I had and meeting someone tied to that dream a month later. She recounted our conversation particularly things he said."

"Deborah Lynn11 told me the name of the lawyer involved in a legal case and the fact that it in the negotiation phase as we speak- the last letter just went out today- so she was very accurate! I am still waiting to see when 'Thomas' shows up!! She has mentioned that name to me several times."

"My reading with Deborah Lynn was amazing and I am so glad I called her! I asked her about my life purpose and she gave me such inspiring and moving information. She also gave me names of people in my family and from my past without any prompting. She is a caring advisor and I would highly recommend her."

"Thank you! Deborah Lynn told me that my father just died of cancer and she was right. The 2 names she gave me were William and Joseph and I do believe that J was my great uncle and W was great grandfather - both on my father's side. I know that C is crazy about me!"

"Deborah nailed a reading almost 5 months ago when she told me I was going to be let go from my job. Thank you, and I highly recommend her to everyone!!"

"This was an absolutely awesome reading. Picked up on my situation exactly. Gave me exact names of people in my life and time frames of when I can expect things to unfold. I will definitely be in touch again. Thanks a million."

"From several calls back you had mentioned some names...I believe they were jessie and maybe even Jim. Well, I had to change photographers for my wedding yesterday. The photographer that will be shooting my wedding is named Jessie. The photographer she works for is named Jim. Thanks again."

"As always Deborah Lynn11 astounds me with her accuracy and ability to really tune into the situation with exact names, dates and events. She is the "REAL DEAL" and worth every second of time and money. She is always uplifting and honest without going into all the fluff. She tells it like it is and how it is meant to be. I will contact her after my weekend trip and let you know how things are progressing. TY"

"As usual, you always know what to say. She has unbelievable insight on every aspect of my life. She gave me advice on my love life, friendships, and my work. She is the only advisor that I call. You will be glad that you called her"

"I have never been so amazed by a reading as I was with Deborah Lynn11 she knew my boyfriends name without me saying a word, she was so thoughtful, polite, caring and in depth with her knowledge that I wish I could have talked to her longer. She was able to give me dates and honest true answers to my questions. She is the "BEST""

"Thank you so much. You really picked up on all names given are in my life somehow! Glad things look good with Ann. Thanks again."

"I really enjoyed talking to Deborah Lynn11, she is so nice and caring, she picked up on my career when asking about it she was able to give me the name of my boss, and since talking to her, the predictions that she gave me are manifesting, she is the real deal and is awesome and amazing, I highly recommend her ."

"You've been telling me for months that my mate would blow into my life wearing a plaid jacket and low and behold, there he was, having a great time with my brother. And he has the same name you've been telling me for so long. You predicted tall, dark and cute. You were so right on it! I'll keep you posted what happens. This is the lady that has a REAL GIFT. A million stars!"

"Thank you for all your great advice, you know me like a book. you've told me people's names whom I ended up meeting and one that I got fixed up with. You mentioned a letter that I would get that was important, it ended up being a very important life note from my mother which she really wants me to have for the future. My heart is still tender but appreciates all your wisdom that you've shared on my behalf. I look forward to more conversations!"

"Deborah Lynn11 Described situations and places so to the tee that it was scary...Mentioned something to me that no other psychic has picked up and it actually gave me shivers..She is definitely connected to a higher source..Thanks."

"Deborah Lynn speaks what she sees and feels and hears. She has predicted my upcoming marriage. She predicted in detail the building I would be working in my next job. I am now working there. She has given me names of individuals that play a key role in my life. She is my favorite advisor. I trust very few psychics on this site. Some people don't like to hear the truth. If you don't want to hear the truth, then don't bother calling. Deborah Lynn is incredible, caring and sincere. Give her a call!"
~ 1/29/06

"This is my first time calling DeborahLynn11.. I was skeptical but after looking at all her 5* ratings I had to call.. boy am I glad I did. Not only is she quick.. she is accurate and kind.. She exudes a very LOVING energy. I was at a loss for a direction on my career and Love/Partner and within the first minute of the call she gave me the person's name that I was calling about and accurately described the person's features and personality to a T!. After this call I know she is one psychic I know I can trust when I need direction in my life. 5Stars all the way! You will not go wrong in calling her."
~ 1/28/06

"There are very few psychic that I can truly say are the real deal, and trust me i have spoken to a lot of them over the past 5 years. Now I only speak with Deborah Lynn11. She is constantly surprising me. She told me the exact place I would work, she gave me the names of the people I would work with, she even described the woman that would hire me, and how much i would be paid. Then she told me the guy I was dating would eventually ask me to marry him and now he has. I am so lucky to have found Deborah Lynn11, she is truly one in a million."
~ 1/05/06

"I can't believe how amazing Deborah Lynn11 is. About 9 months ago, I had asked her if she saw me going to this company to work for and she said" YOU WILL EVENTUALLY GO" Then last week she told me I was going to be hired at this company and she told me how much money I would make and that I needed to be patient that this job would turn into a magnificent position. Well I was just hired a couple days ago and I am being paid exactly what Deborah Lynn11 said I would be paid. You rock Deborah Lynn thank you so much for sharing your gifts."
~ 1/03/06

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