Some of My Feedback From 2005

"How can you not go away from a reading feeling wonderfully when Deborah Lynn can answer your questions before you even ask? She puts such passion into her readings and her callers. But be willing to listen to what she has to say, every word, cause it will be chock full of info. And she will tell you the truth, not just hand you a bouquet full of "what you want to hear's" and send you on your way. "
~ 11/21/05

"Thank You Deborah Lynn11 for your kind and insightful words. You confirmed through Spirit what my inner self was telling me. You continue to amaze me with the clarity and wisdom in the messages you give me from Spirit. You are teaching me to stop doubting myself and I Love you for that. You are truly a Beautiful Gift to Humanity. "
~ 11/18/05

"Thank you...Thank you...Thank you!!!! You were absolutely wonderful. My first time calling and you zeroed in on me exactly. He's getting two offers tomorrow....both will be international. I'll have to let him know soon. He wants it with me but can you believe I would pass this up....I know I'm on the right with you soon! :) "
~ 10/27/05

"Deborah Lynn is wonderful. Deborah said I would be receiving a sum of money, and I did. I trust what she tells me to be the truth."
~ 10/11/05

"This psychic is truly a "Gift" to us all. Deborah said I would need to take action in my divorce and this man, Steven, would be there to make sure I got what I deserved. I did as she suggested and I got a judge named Steven who gave me everything I asked for. It took a while for it all to come to pass, but Deborah told me not to quit 5 minutes before the miracle. She also told me I would be receiving a large chunk of money in July. On July 6th I received word that a personal injury claim was settling. She just told me that I was going to be in for a "big surprise" very soon. I am looking forward to finding out what this. Thank You Deborah, you are wonderful."
~ 10/01/05

"Very friendly, straight to the point. I would call her again as she has helped put my mind at rest. I'm getting married in two weeks and she hit the nail on the head, I had cold feet. She sensed the marriage and said he adored me. I had nothing to worry about and that he will make a great father to my two kiddies. It was what I already knew but it helps to have another conformation."
~ 8/30/05

"Deborah is the best, hands down!!!"
~ 8/24/05

"You said that on Friday August 12th I would recieve good news and indeed I did. The money on my personal injury settlement came in the mail as you said it would. You also said in a previous reading that my nephew (you said his name and described him perfectly) would be in for some bad news. As it turns out at the exact time we were talking my nephews wife and family were in a very serious automobile accident-they were hit head-on by a drunk driver who had no insurance. Luckily they will all be alright. Your caring and honest messages from Spirit blew me away. ."
~ 8/12/05

"Several months ago my ex-husband took me back to court, again, to get out of paying me alimony. Deborah Lynn told me then that I would come out shining. She saw him sending me a large sum of money. On July 27th she said that it would be over in a matter of days and that she saw me getting approximately $35,000.00. Within 1 hour of her message my attorney called me with an offer from my ex-husband to settle for $34,500. I am amazed by Deborah Lynn's accurancy in not only the timing but the amount. Her clear, insightful messages gave me the strength to continue going and to not give up 5 minutes before the Miracle. Deborah Lynn is truly gifted! "
~ 7/29/05

"Always wonderful speaking to you. You are the only spiritual counselor that I trust. I appreciate how understanding you are of my feelings and my needs. I will hold out for better things in this relationship. Thank you so much for reinforcing my strength. My life has improved 100 times over since beginning to speak with you. Talking with you is like talking to an long, dear friend. Again, thank you so much for your advice. I will definitely be speaking with you soon."
~ 7/03/05

"Deborah Lynn 11 is the most accurate reader I have ever received a reading from. Not only is she right on the money, (literally!!), but she is empathetic and very supportive. She accurately described how I would turn things around in my life and graduate from college. She accurately described how I would find THE job for me. She gave me pin- point information about how my love life is working out, and she was quick and to the point as well. In my opinion, whatever topic of advice you are looking to explore, Deborah is the first person I would call and recommend. Thank you, DeborahLynn11!!"
~ 6/19/05

"YOU WERE RIGHT! I got the job - up on a hill, white building, woman wearing light clothing.... 90 was the number you gave me. You said I would go elsewhere and everything you said has just happened. WOW.....THANKS SOOOO MUCH!"
~ 6/08/05

"Deborah Lynn11 I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with you on the phone. Thank you for a very informative, accurate, and clear reading. I am so impressed by your abilities and am truly thankful that you have chosen to share y our unique gifts and talents. I really appreciate the time you gave to me and will most certainly want to speak with you again. I know lots of people and they would really benefit from aligning with someone with your abilities. You mentioned the name 'Ted' several times yesterday----When I told my husband about the reading, he informed me that Ted was his favorite uncle (great uncle) from Ireland--- He was slender, brunette, and very smiley---just as you saw him. We are most pleased to have Ted hanging around with us----he is awesome!"
~ 6/02/05

"Great reading with depth and power! Deborah Lynn is one of the few readers I have met in my life who understands my energy and my life path. A true gem and a blessing in a time of turmoil. Her reading of my life situation and dharma has been nothing short of miraculous. She has a profound ability to relate to my unusual energy and provide special insight. In Deborah Lynn11 I have found a spiritual teacher who shares her gifts from a place of pure love for us all."
~ 5/17/05

"Deborah Lynn11 described to a tee a man I would meet.....low and behold 2 weeks ago I met him!! She described him down to his sign, his heritage, his family life, and his son's name...not to mention the background in which I would encounter him for the first time!!!! a lot of friends wanting her number now!!!!"
~ 5/15/2005

"She is AMAZING, CARING and SO ACCURATE. I have no idea how she does it, but she knows things that I have have never told anyone. She is fun to talk to, very energetic, and everytime I talk to her, she heals me. I call her when I am not in my best days and i don't know how she refills my energy!!! WOULD I CALL HER AGAIN? OF COURSE, and if you have doubts, read her feedback."
~ 4/30/2005

"I am an advisor..., and Deborah Lynn is someone I have come to trust and rely on. I called about something else and she interrupted reading that situation and said, "I see it raining money for you." I didn't think much about it, but then proceeded to not only have my busiest and most lucrative day..., but came home the following to find a large check in the mail! Thank you once again for your truth and accuracy!"
~ 4/19/2005

"Deborah Lynn was able to see details of the person we were discussing. Her guides were able to tell me many things were to occur and how I would handle life. Deb offers wonderful advice without sugarcoating. You want to know the truth? Call her."
~ 4/10/2005

"Woohoo! It's like a shot in the arm of adrenaline talking with Deborah. Good lord, this woman is deep and intense, full of knowledge and heartfelt passion that jumps through the phone. I am absolutely floored! What a gift of love and a superstar gem. I encourage anyone and everyone to call her and have a pen and paper to jot down notes."
~ 4/8/2005

"How comforting and assuring it was to speak to you . I shall keep the faith and get out of Prison! ha! ha! my self-imposed prison ..that is ! I will be in touch."
~ 3/31/2005

"Wow, Deborah Lynn, you can read me so well...excellent reader, great with names dates and time frames! very detailed! but you have to call her yourself to find out that!"
~ 3/8/2005

"SHE IS AMAZING!!! You will not be disappointed -- she knows her stuff, and is SO insightful. Pay close attention and keep notes to review after your session -- because she gives you A LOT of very VALUABLE information!!!"
~ 3/4/2005

"Oh, my gosh, Deborah Lynn just blew me away with this reading. She immediately picked up the situation and went into great depth in helping me to sort out this situation. Thank you so much for your help! "
~ 2/1/2005

"It is always a pleasure to talk to you and get the truth. Thank you!! "
~ 1/31/2005

"Most Excellent Reading! very detailed! very good with names! gave me several within 3 minutes! will diffently call back for an update! fast response, quck answers!"
~ 1/13/2005

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