2017 Feedback for Psychic, Numerologist, Deborah Lynn11


Some of My Feedback From 2018

" Deborah Lynn is amazing!! She accurately told me the name of a dear friend who has passed on and that she was watching over me. The names of two other important to me came to her clearly. She is a genuine psychic that helps people with her heart. She is worth a million stars "
~ 12/21/2018

" I had a wonderful and fascinating reading. Thank you. "
~ 12/6/2018

"Synchronicity and confirmation of my knowing. Wow. Encouraging the path for me. "
~ 12/4/2018

" Thank you, I like Deborah she is very caring and very through in what she reads for me. Fearless, I enjoy her readings. "
~ 12/3/2018

" Deborah Lynn is amazing! So caring & passionate. I've been calling her for a period of 20 yrs. A truly wonderful advisor! "
~ 11/26/2018

" Deborah Lynn11 is amazing.When she tells you something is gonna happen, trust me it happens. If you need insight into the future, call Deborah she'll give you names dates, and events that do happen. I have never spoken to a psychic like her. "
~ 11/21/2018

"Deborah Lynn you are always the best. The names that you come up with just completely stuns me. Also the letter that my mom wrote me that I had in my drawer that you knew about without me saying a word is remarkable. Thank you Deborah Lynn for being you. "
~ 11/12/2018

" Deborah Lynn your timing is spot on!! You said I would get a job by the first week in November, i just got a call That I'm hired and it's the first week in November!! I'm so happy! I'm so glad I believed and listened to you because I was feeling negative a few weeks ago but once we spoke I felt a sense I would get the job and I did!! Yea !!! Deborah is one of a kind!! "
~ 11/6/2018

" OMG!! I am so excited!! Your time was almost exact!! I asked you last week if my boyfriend would get the job and if he did would he ask me to relocate..you told me yes he would get the job and no we would not have to relocate and that I would have all my answers by Thursday.. well it’s Wednesday and we just found out he got the job and we will not have to relocate!!!! Thank you so much Deborah your timing is impeccable!!! And you prediction came through!! Deborah is always spot on for me! If you want real predictions she will not disappoint!! "
~ 10/31/2018

" Deborah Lynn11 is an amazing reader and cares about her clients with 100 percent honesty. "
~ 10/28/2018

"I am all about my creative writing. Thank you Deborah Lynn11.. I will be the best writer in my own right. Not being conceited just confident. Yes > I love you. Published my first book and she had no idea I wrote it. Thank you for the clarity. "
~ 10/22/2018

" Wonderful reading. Deborah Lynn11 pegged my past exact. I wrote down all the dates she gave me. Mr. wonderful is not far away and this half of my life will be so much better than the first half. Thank you. Will be calling back. "
~ 10/4/2018

" Excellent, Deborah Lynn11 is a must call. She is real She gave me 2 names 3 weeks ago they are now in my LIFE, awesome Deborah "
~ 9/28/2018

" Deborah is amazing. She tunes into things so quickly. Immediately the names start flying -all of them significant. How she connects with those who have passed over is incredible. she is a truly gifted person Thank you Deborah "
~ 9/19/2018

"Deborah Lynn11 is very accurate. She predicted a job offer that I recently accepted. She knew exact details about the job before I had gone on the interview. She is genuine and kind and she does not waste your time and money. Many Blessings to you Deborah Lynn11 "
~ 9/15/2018

" I am truly amazed by Deborah Lynn11, I feel like she is family to me. I have always felt a strong connection from her and an amazing amount of love from the first time I spoke to her. a couple of months ago I was asking her if my ex-girlfriend and I would get back together. Instead of answering my question she responded with the name Barbara, who was coming into my life. Well sure enough she did and we just had our first date. If you are looking for the truth and for someone who cares, Deborah Lynn11 is the one. "
~ 9/5/2018

" Really enjoy Deborah Lynn11. You have to give her your date of birth and after that, she will tell you a lot. It is not an astrology reading, I have had many of those, this is different. "
~ 8/31/2018

" I finally was able to get a reading from Deborah Lynn11 Let me tell you guys, in July Deborah told me I would be seeing my guy at a crowded area. Sure enough a month later I went to a concert with him. If you want to know what is going to happen give her a call. She won't waste your time or money "
~ 8/22/2018

"Deborah Lynn11 is one of my favorite readers. Tonight she gave me my Dad's name right at the beginning of the reading. My Dad past away almost a year ago. So he was with us during the rading. Deborah is always upbeat, empowering and always right on point "
~ 8/10/2018

" Deborah Lynn11 is amazing tonight she brought me to tears. The first thing she gave me was the middle name of the guy I was calling about. With a start like that you can imagine how wonderful the rest of the reading was Thank you Deborah I will be back "
~ 8/4/2018

" As always, Deborah Lynn11 is the Best, she pulls names of people close to me, out of thin air. These are not names that she could know unless she was really connected with my energy and her spirit guides I am continually amazed with her readings Thank you Deborah Lynn "
~ 7/27/2018

" This was not my first time calling Deborah Lynn11 and as always she is accurate, friendly and to the point. Expect names, dates, etc... Write it down, you'll be amazed "
~ 7/19/2018

"As Always, Deborah Lynn11 was fantastic. Expect names of those alive or deceased. I particularly like her ability to tap into their personality by the use of numerology, she is always accurate in describing me and who I am calling about. She wastes no time and she is a sweetheart "
~ 7/16/2018

" Deborah Lynn11 told me about 2 years before it happened that I would indeed be working on my own and that is exactly what happened. Then she said that I would meet a man named Matthew and that he is my soulmate and I just met him 6 weeks ago. Thank you Deborah for being you. "
~ 7/7/2018

" Deborah Lynn11 answered each of my questions without me asking the questions She gave very accurate answers. She has a wonderful personality and will give you names, dates, places of things to come to past. She is one of the best I have spoken to. "
~ 6/27/2018

" I had called Deborah Lynn11 about a month ago regarding a specific situation. Initially I got off the phone disappointed because she wasn't answering my question. Instead she kept picking up on a name Jim or Jimmy. I was calling about Dan not to mention I never had anyone in the slightest acquiatance named Jim in my life Well I called Deborah today to let her know I had just gone out on my third date this weekend with the most wonderful guy named Jim. Deborah is the real deal "
~ 6/23/2018

"Omg!! Deborah Lynn11,your timing is perfect!! Your prediction came true!! Thank you so much! If you don't remember you told me he would call by the weekend and tell me he misses me and wants to see me and he just called me! Prediction on point!! And you also said he would ask me to meet his boss a few weeks back well the boss is having a bbq this weekend and he invited me!! Wow!! AAAAHHHHMAZING!! 5 million stars!! I'm so happy! "
~ 6/22/2018

" Deborah Lynn is always top notch. she is always like a fresh of clean spring air when speaking and listening to her. She is amazingly gifted and she truly does know what she speaks of. Deborah Lynn is always honest, sincere, and reliable. I am grateful for all the times previously to speak with her and I am grateful for the future conversations too. Thank you Deborah for you generosity and thank you for taking my call tonight. Five stars god bless you always. "
~ 6/7/2018

" Deborah Lynn11 came out with a family member's name, she said he was "out of the loop" which is exactly true. He has been disconnected from the rest of the family. A phone call came a few days later from him, which did bring to light that he wasn't aware of feelings that other's had. "
~ 5/25/2018

" As always Deborah Lynn11 was fantastic. Expect names of people either alive or deceased. Expect descriptions of the people, and why they are in your life. She is the real deal. "
~ 5/18/2018

"Deborah Lynn11 is amazing. She accurately told me the name of a dear friend who has passed on and that she is watching over me. The names of two other important people to me came thrugh clearly. She is a genuine psychic that helps people with her heart she is worth a million stars "
~ 5/9/2018

" Deborah Lynn11 was able to identify names within proper context. She was able to identify events in my life in the proper time frames. I feel confident that the advice she gave me will be quite helpful. I stayed on the phone far longer than I intended because I was so engaged by her abilities. Thank you Deborah Lynn11 for sharing your insight. "
~ 5/4/2018

" Deborah Lynn11 is the best psychic I have ever spoke with and I tried a lot of them She is highly accurate, genuine and honest. You will get the truth from her. She has the gifted talent of a psychic. You will absolutely feel it when you talk with her "
~ 4/30/2018

" Thank you so much for talking to me today! This woman is amazing! She told me I would go in business with someone named Michael and that he has two first names.. his name is Michael Adam! She told me that back in January and everything just came together this month! Thank you so much for your guidance! Deborah Lynn11 I'd be lost without it. Much loveXOXO "
~ 4/18/2018

"Deborah Lynn is truly so very kind and so patient. I am grateful to have another opportunity to speak with her tonight. Deborah is so reassuring and she makes anything that seems impossible very possible. She gives you a special kind of insight that gives one hope and strength and puts one at ease. I was a bit stressed out but now I am just fine all because of Deborah. it's not easy dealing with life and it's negativity. But a call to Deborah will always make the difference. Thank you Deborah God bless you and your family and pets. Hugs ?? "
~ 4/16/2018

" Deborah Lynn11 is a very understanding and patient adviser. She understands my frustration and give me the knowledge of knowing my needs are being taken care ofthat goes with me when I am not talking to her. I asked Deborah Lynn11 where my friend had gone for the weekend on a Thursday evening. She said "Do you live near the mountains" And I said yes then she said he went to the mountains on Saturday I just found out that he indeed had gone to the mountains. I LOVE you Deborah I will be back "
~ 4/7/2018

" As always Deborah Lynn11 is the best!!!! She pulls names of people close to me out of thin air. These names are not names she could know unless she was really connected to the spirit world. I am continually amazed with her readings "
~ 3/28/2018

" Finally I get through with Deborah Lynn11.in February Deborah told m I would be meeting my ex in a crowded area. Sure enough in March I went to a concert with him. If you want to know what is really going to happen call her she is the real deal. "
~ 3/20/2018

"WOW it took a few minutes for me to connect with Deborah Lynn11,but then she came up with the name of my Mother who recently passed away. I was BLOWN AWAY. I still have the chills. Deborah Lynn11 is a wonderful woman, who is very sweet and VERY GIFTED. Call her you will not be disappointed "
~ 3/12/2018

" Deborah Lynn11 is Absolutely phenomenal She said there is a Charles around me in spirit...I didn't know anyone named Charles until I realized that is the name of my great great grandfather...wow She affirmed so much. "
~ 3/10/2018

" Thank you so much!! I love talking to you! So many predictions have come to pass with this lady!! You told me I'd get red roses and It would be from him.. which I thought wouldn't happen since our relationship is awkward right now... but low and behold last weekend I did I didn't even ask he just walked in with red roses!! My jaw dropped!!! Wow!!! "
~ 2/24/2018

" Deborah you're so spot on it's scary!! You told me he be picking me up in a Chevy blazer two months ago when he drives a Toyota.. guess what?? He showed up last night in a Chevy blazer he just purchased!!! Wow!! One word AMAZING!!! "
~ 2/24/2018

"Deborah has been reading for me for more then 10 years Outstanding gift and human being "
~ 2/18/2018

" Deborah you are the truth!! You told me that he would get a job less then 10 miles from me when I didn't even know that was a possibility and he got it!! You've told me lots of things that have come true, things I had no clue of! I have complete confidence that your future predictions will come to pass as well keep you posted!! Love love love this psychic!! "
~ 2/17/2018

" It's really amazing how Deborah Lynn11 comes up with names every single time I speak with her Names of people I have yet to meet, names of people who are presently in my life and names of people deceased. I don't know how she does it. "
~ 1/23/2018

" Excellent reading Deboah Lynn11 gave names of present and pass family members and the name of a man who came through as my new boyfriend "
~ 1/18/2018

"I am still in disbelief. Deborah Lynn11 nailed the last name of the guy I am interested in. Just after introducing myself and saying there was I guy I was interested in. She says that he will be my husband. She saw California and us together playing sports on the beach- and this is where he is from. She also knew I was divorced. Amazing details that she picked up on! I am blown away. "
~ 1/9/2018

" Wow! Amazing! Still processing all that was shared - Deborah Lynn11 knew things about me that I haven't shared with anyone; not even other readers! A must call!!! Thank you! "
~ 1/3/2018

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