2017 Feedback for Psychic, Numerologist, Deborah Lynn11



Some of My Feedback From 2017

" Deborah is amazing she tunes into things so quickly. Immediately the names start flying in. All of them significant. How she connects with those who have passed over is incredible "
~ 12/16/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 brought tears to my eyes when the first thing she said to me (no exaggeration here) was the middle name of the person I was calling about. She asked me if that name meant anything to me and I said yes that is my guy's middle name. Then she gave me his first name without me telling her a thing. Deborah is truly a miracle "
~ 12/12/2017

"I called to let Deborah Lynn11 and others who read this feedback, that for the 8th time this year she was dead on with the name she had given me in the previous call. Every time I call she says a name that has no meaning to me every time!!!! Within a week or two I meet and start dating someone by the name she had previously given me I have no idea how she dos it but she does simply amazing "
~ 12/ 8/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 is one of my favorite readers Tonight she gave me my Dd's name right at the beginning of the reading. My Dad past away almost a year ago so he was with us during the reading Deborah is always upbeat and empowering and always right on point. "
~ 12/4/2017

" I always enjoy talking with Deborah Lynn. She has a special place in my heart. I have been reading with her for many years and she is always accurate with what she tells me. I have met every person she has given me names of and she is great at time frames. Thank you for the reading tonight. "
~ 11/20/2017

" Deborah Lynn is very accurate, friendly and helpful with her psychic abilities. Her description of people and events seem to come to life. I will put her on my list of "Special Psychics" to call on a regular basis.I hope Deborah continues to help people by using her gift often. "
~ 11/8/2017

"Deborah Lynn came out with a family member's name said he was "out of the loop" which was exactly true as he has been disconnected from us, the rest of the family. A phone call came a few days later from him, which did bring to light that he wasn't aware of feelings that other's had. "
~ 11/8/2017

" She is so detailed and kind. Would highly recommend a reading with her! Thank you Deborah lynn! "
~ 11/3/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 is far more then a Psychic Medium, she truly helped me healed what I didn't know needed healing. I am so glad I turned to her when I did. Thank you Deborah Lynn11 "
~ 10/28/2017

" One prediction came to pass in the exact time she told me Really thankful for the accuracy Looking forward to the rest to unfold as you said Thank you! "
~ 10/23/2017

" Excellent and very accurate reading. She is truly gifted! Thank you so much! "
~ 10/17/2017

" Deborah Lynn 11 is fantastic at names and dates and predictions , thank you "
~ 10/9/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 is EXCELLENT. You must call her She is real. She gave me two names 3 weeks ago, I had no idea who they were and now they are both in my life. One I am dating the other one hired me for the perfect job. "
~ 9/27/2017

" I called Deborah Lynn11 for the 8th time this year she was dead on with the name she had given to me in my previous call. Every time I call she says a name to me I meet them and start dating them within a week or 2. She always accurately describes their personality to a perfect tee. She is the real deal. "
~ 9/18/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 told me before I knew I was expecting my third child she even told me what sex the baby would be. She told me to paint a certain type of paintings and that this would indeed help me out financially she was so spot on. "
~ 9/15/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 is the most authentic Psychic Reader I know. she continues to give names that she had no way of knowing. She has predicted a job for me that actually happened in the time frame she gave and she correctly predicted where I would live. I LOVE her "
~ 9/5/2017

" This is not the first time calling Deborah Lynn11 and as always she is so accurate it's scary. Expect names, dates, and descriptions of the people. Write it down, you'll be amazed later. Thank you Deborah Lynn11 "
~ 8/28/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 has been reading for me for over 10 years now and time and time again she gives me accurate predictions, One for my grandson, who we were sure was going to die, she insisted he would heal perfectly and he did. She predicted that I was receiving a large sum of money and bingo it did happen. Thank you Deborah I love you dearly "
~ 8/19/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 is the only Psychic I use. She amazes me how easy it is for her to connect with my deceased Loved Ones. The very first thing she did tonight was give me my dad's name who crossed over a year ago. She is the real deal. "
~ 8/12/2017

" Wow! such a fascinating reading, a lot of information to work with, and came up with a name of someone that I've known for some time immediately after I shared only my name, That was very exciting. I do plan on following her advice on a few things, I believe in the importance of what she shared. Thank you Deborah Lynn11 "
~ 8/8/2017

" I was really scared that I was not going to have the proper employee in my company do handle major tasks. Deborah Lynn11 gave me the names and correctly predicted when they would join my company. Thank you Deborah Lynn11 "
~ 7/25/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 gave me answers to my questions without me even asking the question. She has a wonderful personality and gives names, dates, places of things o come and in the past. She is one of the best "
~ 7/18/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 is amazing. Trust me when she says something is going to happen. Give her a call if you want to know your future. She'll give you names and initials, no one else that I have spoken to could do that. She is a great investment for your future. "
~ 7/14/2017

" Excellent Deborah Lynn11 is a must call. She gave me two names 3 weeks ago and they are now all a part of my life. "
~ 7/3/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 gave me a reading last week and accurately predicted a new job coming in within a week. She said I will LOVE this job and to be sure I take it. Well again Deborah predicted correctly because her prediction came to pass I was offered the job today. "
~ 6/22/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 is amazing. Without any assistance from me she gave me the name of my deceased Grandmother who died 20 years ago. Then she gave me the name of her sister who had died 30 years ago. I will definitely be calling Deborah again and again. "
~ 6/18/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 has been doing readings for me for years now and I will continue to use her services. This last time she accurately predicted a new man coming in within one month. she gave me his name, and description without any assistance from me. She said this will will definitely work out perfectly. I LOVE you Deborah "
~ 6/8/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 is very accurate. She predicted that my new love partner would call me the next day and invite me over on Sunday to meet his family. That is exactly what happened I am so happy I found her. "
~ 6/2/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 is a very understanding and patient advisor. She understood my frustration and she gives me the knowledge of knowing that my needs are being taken care of and they go with me when I'm not talking to her. I asked Deborah Lynn11 where my friend had gone for the weekend and she said he went to the mountains. I found out the following Monday that, that was where he was exactly. Thank you Deborah "
~ 5/27/2017

" Amazing reading thank you Deborah Lynn11. I am still blown away with how quickly you connected and gave me his name.... You are the real deal and I will definitely be calling you again "
~ 5/12/2017

" GREAT!!!!! let me shout it: SHE IS THE REALTHING, I love the fact that she was able to say I had a brother right away, and that I had never even mentioned it. She knew a lot about me - stuff she couldn't have possibly known through public records. Thank you so much for all the information and advice. If I have any other questions, I know who to call. Thank you so much Deborah Lynn11 "
~ 5/4/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 keyed directly into the issues occurring in my life right now, she came up with names of close family members "
~ 5/2/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 has done several readings for me for the past 2 years. She is unbelievable with the names, both alive and deceased. She has helped me and my fiance dealing with the legal system. better then the people we payed several thousand dollars to for direction. She truly is a living angel "
~ 4/30/2017

" Amazing reading... I couldn't believe how quickly Deborah Lynn11 pulled his name out of the air... I will definitely be calling you again soon...and I will look into the automatic writing "
~ 4/25/2017

" Deborah you are the best psychic I've ever spoken to !!! You were Right On w the things you told me!!! Ok.. I asked you if I was going to see him last weekend even when he told me he probably wouldn't make it.. you said of course I will and I did :) you told me before he told me that he was gonna be buying a new car .. and while he was here this weekend He bought a new car! You also said I would get turned down during the first promotion which I did . And that I would get a second chance and for sure get the second promotion ... I just got an email offering me the position !! Amazing amazing amazing!!! Thank you Deborah!! "
~ 4/21/2017

" Oh Deborah you are spot on!! You told me my son would get the job and he got the job!! He's been unemployed for three months and this particular job he's Applied for the last three years and never got it!! You told me he would get the interview and he got it !! You told me he would get the job and he got it!! You told me that he would not be approved for his apartment and he wasn't !!! I can't thank you enough "
~ 4/20/2017

" MY Mother is the one who advised me to go to Deborah Lynn11 for my first reading and I am so glad I did. She validated information I truly had been hiding from myself. She told me I needed to stay with my current job until the year 2018 then I would go into the position I have always dreamed of getting. Deborah assured me it was not a dream and that it would become my reality. Thank you Deborah "
~ 3/30/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 has been reading for me for at least 10 years now and I know I can trust her completely. She has been telling me for years that I needed to be in business for myself, This time I took her advice and I have started my own business and it is turning out better then I could imagine. Deborah is so good. "
~ 3/17/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 is so good I don't know how she does it. I had called her regarding a new Boyfriend and asked her how it would turn out. Then she came up with several of my past boyfriend's names and she asked me how those turned out I told her they were awful. Then Deborah said this new guy would be the same. She then explained to me how I needed to learn new ways of connecting with the special man who was coming in. I LOVE her "
~ 3/9/2017

" I had my first reading with Deborah Lynn11 today and she is magnificent. I am unemployed and I am diligently looking for a new position. Deborah gave me one word, and how far away it is which is exactly the last place I went to Looks like this is the one. Thank you Deborah "
~ 3/3/2017

" Hey Deborah, Just wanted to let you know that you were so right about Valentine's Day!! Even though we were In an argument he still sent me roses on Valentine's Day !! I was so shocked when I saw the florist bring them in !! Thank you Deborah you truly do have a gift !!! "
~ 2/22/2017

" Thank you Deborah Lynn11 for yet another remarkable reading! Everything you have told me is coming to light.I so appreciate your help! "
~ 2/12/2017

"Deborah Thank you so much for taking my call!! It happened exactly the Way you said it would!!! You said I would make more money this month if I Would hire this particular Dr.. and it did!!! I made more last month then any other Month last yr!!! Thanks so much!! You're always foot on! "
~ 2/10/2017

"Dear Deborah Lynn11 thank you , nice to speak to you, always a tonnage of information,, I'll be calling you back "
~ 2/8/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 has been reading for me for many many years and she is the only one I allow to read for me she has predicted when I would sell my home and the exact amount she predicted the amount of money I would receive. I can go on and on. I LOVE her "
~ 1/24/2017

" Deborah Lynn11 has been reading for me for years now and she keeps on predicting events that will happen. This time she predicted the perfect job for me. "
~ 12/15/20161/6/2017

"I recently lost my husband, about 4 months ago and the very first name out of Deborah's mouth was his name needless to say I completely broke down in tears. "
~ 1/5/2017

"Deborah Lynn11 is truly psychic. The last time she gave me a reading(say 3 years ago) she told me I would meet a man first name Tom,who would enter into my life within 3 years. I waited patiently and indeed as she predicted the guy with the first name Tom came into my life. Thank you Deborah "
~ 1/2/2017

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