2017 Feedback for Psychic, Numerologist, Deborah Lynn11



Some of My Feedback From 2018

" Thank you so much!! I love talking to you! So many predictions have come to pass with this lady!! You told me I'd get red roses and It would be from him.. which I thought wouldn't happen since our relationship is awkward right now... but low and behold last weekend I did I didn't even ask he just walked in with red roses!! My jaw dropped!!! Wow!!! "
~ 2/24/2018

" Deborah you're so spot on it's scary!! You told me he be picking me up in a Chevy blazer two months ago when he drives a Toyota.. guess what?? He showed up last night in a Chevy blazer he just purchased!!! Wow!! One word AMAZING!!! "
~ 2/24/2018

"Deborah has been reading for me for more then 10 years Outstanding gift and human being "
~ 2/18/2018

" Deborah you are the truth!! You told me that he would get a job less then 10 miles from me when I didn't even know that was a possibility and he got it!! You've told me lots of things that have come true, things I had no clue of! I have complete confidence that your future predictions will come to pass as well keep you posted!! Love love love this psychic!! "
~ 2/17/2018

" It's really amazing how Deborah Lynn11 comes up with names every single time I speak with her Names of people I have yet to meet, names of people who are presently in my life and names of people deceased. I don't know how she does it. "
~ 1/23/2018

" Excellent reading Deboah Lynn11 gave names of present and pass family members and the name of a man who came through as my new boyfriend "
~ 1/18/2018

"I am still in disbelief. Deborah Lynn11 nailed the last name of the guy I am interested in. Just after introducing myself and saying there was I guy I was interested in. She says that he will be my husband. She saw California and us together playing sports on the beach- and this is where he is from. She also knew I was divorced. Amazing details that she picked up on! I am blown away. "
~ 1/9/2018

" Wow! Amazing! Still processing all that was shared - Deborah Lynn11 knew things about me that I haven't shared with anyone; not even other readers! A must call!!! Thank you! "
~ 1/3/2018

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