2019 Feedback for Psychic, Numerologist, Deborah Lynn11


Some of My Feedback From 2019

" I LOVE Deborah Lynn11 I have been calling her for years and each time she is right She goes far beneath the surface and gets to the real root of the problem.. i never worry about the timing I know that the right thing will happen at the TIME it is right to happen. She has been 100% correct with me. "
~ 8/19/2019

" Deborah Lynn11 gave me a name a year ago and I had no clue who he was. Well she predicted he would come into my life and would really be an asset to me Low and behold she was right on. Thank you Deborah "
~ 8/16/2019

" Excellent Call Deborah Lynn11 was accurate and clearly saw into my situation I WILL be calling her again, and I recommend you giving her a call "
~ 8/14/2019

"Always the Best Deborah Lynn11 really works hard to deliver a reading that is clear and accurate. She is super honest and I LOVE her "
~ 8/12/2019

" Deborah Lynn11 is absolutely DEAD ON!!!! She advised me of a man coming in within a weeks time she gave me his name and advised me this is my man. Well exactly as she predicted he appeared. We have been dating now for over 6 months and things couldn't be better. "
~ 7/25/2019

" Amazing! I cannot believe the names she came through with, people alive and deceased Very encouraging and delightful! Thank you Deborah Lynn! Will keep you posted! "
~ 7/19/2019

" GREAT!!!! Let me shout it out Deborah Lynn11 is the real deal. I love the fact that she was able to say I had a brother right away without me saying a single word. She accurately described the relationship I had with him and how I could help repairing it. She help me realize how we had a prior life experience and this needed to be resolved in this life. I will definitely be calling her again. "
~ 7/9/2019

"Deborah Lynn11 is very accurate, friendly and very helpful. Without me saying a word she gave me information about an event that is to take place she gave me the tme frame it would happen and exactly as she predicted it happened. I will be calling her again. "
~ 7/5/2019

" Many other psychics said it was over with this particular guy. However Deborah Lynn11 said there is more to come, you were so accurate he did return in the time frame you gave me. I am so glad I found you. "
~ 6/28/2019

" Deborah Lynn11 was able to identify names within proper context. She was able to identify events in my life in the proper time frames. I feel confident that the advice she gave me will indeed help me. I talked to her much longer than I intended because I was so engaged by her abilities. Thank you Deborah Lynn for sharing your gifts. "
~ 6/19/2019

" Deborah Lynn11 has been reading for me for two years. She continues to amaze me. She has an undeniable gift for coming up with names. A few months ago, she mentioned a name, I did not know of any men with that name. Then a week ago, she repeated his name. A few days later, I met a man by this name at a party. When he walked into the room and I saw him, I knew it was him. Deborah Lynn is the best for sure I will continue to speak with her. "
~ 6/12/2019

"The absolute best. I LOVE talking to Deborah Lynn11 she is kind compassionate and very psychic. She keeps me grounded I have so much gratitude for her wisdom and guidance "
~ 6/10/2019

" I spoke to Deborah Lynn11 this past month regarding my then current Love relationship. In that reading you told me someone else was coming in with the name John, at that time I didn't know anyone with that name. Well sure enough just as you predicted in he came and this guy is so much better I am so glad I can trust you. You better believe it, I will be back "
~ 5/25/2019

" Great call Deborah Lynn11 you are simply the best I have no idea how you pull names out of thin air. In this reading she gave me names of people deceased, alive and most importantly you gave me the name of my new boss at my new Job. You go girl. "
~ 5/20/2019

" Deborah Lynn11 is an amazing and authentic reader. She has no problem giving you a fully detailed reading and she is a wealth knowledge. With me giving her only my first name and date of birth she was able to provide me with a very accurate reading I will be back for me. "
~ 5/13/2019

"Another great Reading with Deborah Lynn11 She is amazing. In my last reading with her a few years ago she gave me the name and description of my now husband. She is unbelievable, I don't know how she does it. I will for sure be calling her again. "
~ 5/1/2019

" OMG Deborah Lynn11 is out of this world, she is outstanding in what she sees. She knew I had recently broke up and was still in a lot of pain. She aid this was more of a father daughter type relationship and of course she was correct about that. She said the right woman was coming in in about a year from now and that I would need to learn how to really love myself before this woman would come into my life. Deborah was extremely accurate and I will be calling on her,again. "
~ 4/30/2019

" Deborah Lynn11 is fantastic you will not be disappointed by speaking with her she is worth every single dime. About a month ago she told me I would pass a professional exam and I indeed did. i had my doubts since this was an extremely difficult. Low and behold, I got my results and passed with flying colors, just as she predicted. She is a true predictor with genuine ability and worth a million stars. Thank you Deborah "
~ 4/26/2019

" It's amazing how Deborah Lynn11 comes up with names. In this reading she gave me my grandmother's name who has been deceased for over 20 years, a boy who bullied me in grad school, amd she gave me my current boyfriend's name. I am so glad to hear that this is a keeper thank you Deborah Lynn. "
~ 4/15/2019

"WOW Deborah Lynn11 completely blew me away. It took me a few minutes to connect with her but then all of a sudden she asks me who is Marian, I answered that's my deceased grandmothr who passed away a year ago. Deborah then asked me did you get the ring she left you? I responded with a huge big smile and said yes indeed I did. "
~ 4/10/2019

" Well the names keep coming. The other day Deborah Lynn11 gave me the name of someone I had no idea who he was. Well, today a good friend asked me to meet the guy that Deborah gave me and my friend thinks I should meet him, she says this is a perfect match for you, WOW you rock Deborah "
~ 3/28/2019

" Thank you Deborah Lynn11 you are great You were able to pick up immediately on names of important people in my life. I know you are truly gifted. Thank you for telling me exactly what I needed to learn about myself "
~ 3/20/2019

"Deborah Lynn11 knew my brother and a man I am going out with next weeks name without me saying anythings she has made several predictions for me that actually happened I LOVE her "
~ 3/13/2019

"Deborah Lynn11 is the absolute best. She is an exuberant and compassionate advisor I LOVE all the positivity she brings forth in her readings. Thank you thank you looking forward to all that I deserve and that is coming towards me "
~ 3/5/2019

" Deborah Lynn11 is extremely accurate. Last summer she gave me these names at the time I had no idea who they were and it didn't make any sense to me. Well they appeared all 3 of them exactly the way she said they would. She is very gifted "
~ 2/26/2019

" Deborah Lynn11 is one of my favorite readers Tonight she gave me my Dad's name right at the beginning of the reading My Dad past away almost a year ago so he was with us during the reading Deborah Lynn is always upbeat and empowering and always on point "
~ 2/18/2019

"This advisor is so amazing I LOVE talking to Deborah Lynn11 She is a kind and compassionate reader she gives you so much information effervescent and bubbly So positive and right on the money thank you thank you thank you for all your wise words Much Love to you "
~ 2/10/2019

" Deborah Lynn is really amazing. She gave me lots of details and told me I would spend Valentine's day with my guy when I thought I wasn't and I just got a phone call from him and we made plans for Valentine's Day. I am so excited Deborah You were right I can't wait to see all the other things come true as well. A Million Star for you Deborah "
~ 2/7/2019

" I called Deborah Lynn11 about a month ago regarding a specific situation. Initially I got off the phone disappointed because she hadn't answered my question. Instead she kept asking me who is Jim or Jimmy. I was calling about another guy named Dan, not to mention I had not ever met a guy named Jim .Well I called Deborah Lynn11 today to let her know I had gone on my third date with the most wonderful guy named Jim. too cool "
~ 1/25/2019

" Deborah Lynn11 is wonderful. She told me I would be going out to dinner with an ex-boyfriend at an Italian Restaurant within one week and it indeed did happen.exactly as she predicted "
~ 1/14/2019

"Deborah Lynn11 is so friendly and informative I LOVED Talking with her.She really lifted my spirits and left me excited. with anticipation Thank you Deborah I will be calling again "
~ 1/12/2019

" I've been talking to Deborah Lynn11 since 2006. She is spot on She connects with people both alive or deceased, past, present and future. She gave me a name of a man who I had always wanted to meet. Deborah Lynn11 told me that he would appear in my life within 3 months and that is exactly what happened.. She has the midas touch and is indeed the real deal. "
~ 1/11/2019

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