2019 Feedback for Psychic, Numerologist, Deborah Lynn11


Some of My Feedback From 2019

" Deborah Lynn11 is extremely accurate. Last summer she gave me these names at the time I had no idea who they were and it didn't make any sense to me. Well they appeared all 3 of them exactly the way she said they would. She is very gifted "
~ 2/26/2019

" Deborah Lynn11 is one of my favorite readers Tonight she gave me my Dad's name right at the beginning of the reading My Dad past away almost a year ago so he was with us during the reading Deborah Lynn is always upbeat and empowering and always on point "
~ 2/18/2019

"This advisor is so amazing I LOVE talking to Deborah Lynn11 She is a kind and compassionate reader she gives you so much information effervescent and bubbly So positive and right on the money thank you thank you thank you for all your wise words Much Love to you "
~ 2/10/2019

" Deborah Lynn is really amazing. She gave me lots of details and told me I would spend Valentine's day with my guy when I thought I wasn't and I just got a phone call from him and we made plans for Valentine's Day. I am so excited Deborah You were right I can't wait to see all the other things come true as well. A Million Star for you Deborah "
~ 2/7/2019

" I called Deborah Lynn11 about a month ago regarding a specific situation. Initially I got off the phone disappointed because she hadn't answered my question. Instead she kept asking me who is Jim or Jimmy. I was calling about another guy named Dan, not to mention I had not ever met a guy named Jim .Well I called Deborah Lynn11 today to let her know I had gone on my third date with the most wonderful guy named Jim. too cool "
~ 1/25/2019

" Deborah Lynn11 is wonderful. She told me I would be going out to dinner with an ex-boyfriend at an Italian Restaurant within one week and it indeed did happen.exactly as she predicted "
~ 1/14/2019

"Deborah Lynn11 is so friendly and informative I LOVED Talking with her.She really lifted my spirits and left me excited. with anticipation Thank you Deborah I will be calling again "
~ 1/12/2019

" I've been talking to Deborah Lynn11 since 2006. She is spot on She connects with people both alive or deceased, past, present and future. She gave me a name of a man who I had always wanted to meet. Deborah Lynn11 told me that he would appear in my life within 3 months and that is exactly what happened.. She has the midas touch and is indeed the real deal. "
~ 1/11/2019

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