In order to give others a better insight into Numerology, I will write a small explanation, each month, about a particular number. It is my opinion that few really understand it. As I say on my “services” page of this web site, Numerology is the easiest and most accurate way to learn self-awareness. When you learn self-awareness you can begin to develop your “Psychic Gifts” easier, as we all have them. It's just that each person has different qualities and ways of becoming Psychic.

This month I will speak about the "One Birth Force"

Let's examine George Washington's birthday which was February 22, 1732. George had a "One Birth Force" and the way I arrive at that is to do the following:

I add the month 2 to the day which is 22 then I add the full year of 1732 together ~


then add those 4 numbers together ~


further add the last 2 numbers together ~


and finally I am able to add the last 2 numbers together ~


To arrive at the birth force of anyone you simply add the full date of birth together until you arrive at the final one digit, then this is the birth force number.

A "One Birth Force" means you are here to develop your own individuality. To be independent. The one is very strong individualized and a leader type. They have keen perception, good concentration, and move in 5th gear, meaning they move very very fast. One thing they need to remember is to finish what they start, as this will give them much more confidence. They need to avoid following other peoples ideas. Sometimes if they focus on their negative attributes they can be too dominant, egotistic, and impatient. They do fine detailed work with their hands. Their best bet to make money is in the making of things, because they are so creative and original. The letters that convert to a one (1) are A, S, & T, so the more ones (1) you have in your full name at birth, the more original and leadership qualities they will have.

The "One Birth Force" is especially independent. They have broad vision, magnetic force and are capable of carry out plans in a big way. They are here to work on themselves and not to worry about what others think of them. The more they work on just being themselves the more financial rewards they will have. Can you see why George Washington, was such a fine and outstanding First President of our Country? I sure can.

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This month I will discuss the "Two Birth Force" and I will use Paris Hilton's date of birth as an example for you.

Paris's date of birth is February 17, 1981 thus we have 2+17+1981=2000. This is a very easy sample since zero has no value we are left simply with a number 2.

A "Two Birth Force" is capable of being patient, a great team player, cooperative, and considerate of others. This birth force is also extremely sensitive and deep down inside they do have a very gentle side to them. They can have a GREAT powerful side if they use diplomacy instead of force. The two can be very gracious and has a great potential in helping others. The two can also be very tactful, persuasive supportive and gregarious. They are the GREAT mixers in the world. However if they choose to be selfish or self-interested they lose this quality. Even though the two birth force can be very gentle they can also be very blunt and direct and their sensitivity can also be a detriment to themselves. They can be too thin skinned. The one most important thing for a two to remember is balance, harmony and being a peacemaker.

The "Two Birth Force" has GREAT potential of being a mediator and can be great at finances and working in some form of Banking or a treasurer.

I hope that this article helps you come to more Enlightenment in your life and if you would like to further understand please feel free to give me a call I look forward speaking with you.

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This month I am going to discuss the "Three Birth Force" and I'm going to use Sylvia Browne's birthday of October 19, 1936. Again to arrive at the birth force we simply add the full date of birth together like this:

10+19+1936=1965 then we add this total together 1+9+6+5=21 then finally 2+1=3

The "Three Birth Force" is a people person, they need to be around others and is the creative type. They need to avoid mundane routine work so that they do not become depressed. They have a great power of inspiration and deep emotional feeling. They have the gift of "Vision" if they choose to use it. They have the gift of words and will express themselves easily. They usually have a Happy cheerful disposition. Their positive capabilities are to be Optimistic, prophetic, Artistic, a LOVE of pleasure, and imaginative. They need lots of fresh air and new things in their life to keep them positive and happy.

The "Three Birth Force" is the child of GOD, forever young, ever renewing, touched by enthusiasm. They truly have the gift of writing, and can truly bring the kingdom of Heaven here on earth.

They are definitely ambitious and can easily achieve it because they are original, observant and willing to work hard.

Do you know anyone like this? Perhaps even yourself. Until next month enjoy yourself.

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This time I am going to discuss the "Three Birth Force" and I will use Paul Mc Cartney's birth date of June 18, 1942 as the example:

6+18+1942=1966 then 1+9+6+6 = 22 then finally 2+2=4

The "Four Birth Force" is a physical number and it stands for solid, it's a number that is here to build a solid foundation for which others can depend upon. It's a great example of a person who moves in first gear when it comes to making decisions. The four can be stubborn, has built in boundaries, can be very practical, can be very honest, dependable, sincere, and conscientious. The main thing the number four should be known for is work. The four's can be great in business management, because they know how to utilize and are GREAT at handling small details. The fours in this world is here to manifest, to make their dreams a reality. The negative side to a four birth force is that they can get lazy and put things off. Also the stubbornness can be either positive or a negative. However when they really put their minds to it, they can be very hard workers. People know they can be depended upon to walk the talk, to give support when it is needed. I have seen many they are blindly supportive and can give their devotion blindly if they are not careful of it.

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This time I am going to describe the capabilities of the "Five Birth Force" and I will use my date of birth, June 18, 1952, as the example:

6+18+1952=1976, then 1+9+7+6=23, then finally 2+3=5

The "Five Birth Force" is another physical number, however the 5 is much different then the 4 as the 5 is a fine example of someone who moves in 5th gear, super fast. The five has been granted the freedom to do whatever they choose to do with superior skill. They are here to learn to use their freedom productively. They get bored really easy and they LOVE to have many irons in the fire. They love to have lots of activity going on and they LOVE people. The one thing they need to remember is to slow down to be patient to learn to cooperate with others. They cannot stand to be controlled or to be told what to do. They are here to bring the future into the present. They should be called the people of the world who are movers and shakers LOL Things very seldom stay the same when they are around. They can very easily make things happen and are usually the life of the party.

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The next birth force I will speak about is the "Six Birth Force". I'll use the date of birth February 4, 1926, my Dad's date of birth as the example.

2+4+1926=1932 then we add 1+9+3+2=15 then finally 1+5=6

The "Six Birth Force" is an emotional number and it can either move in 1st gear or even 5th gear. I would say that it does better when moving in first gear due to their emotions.

The 6 is here to make the world a more beautiful place to live in, to be idealistic, to be empathic, and can be very giving and give to those who are less fortunate. The 6 is a GREAT example of someone who is a dreamer and not someone that is a strong doer in life. The emotions of the 6 is very deep and they do have healing powers if they choose to use the empathic skills productively.

They need to receive what they give to others or else they can become very depressed and very selfish. They need to have an artistic outlet and they need harmony in their lives.

The 6 is here to teach us how to be responsible and to do what is right in the world. If a 6 would use the words I FEEL it would help them discover their empathic skills. The bottom line is that if they are not surrounded by beauty and harmony then they become extremely negative and depressed.

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Now I will discuss the "Seven Birth Force" and will use Marilyn Monroe's date of birth, June 1, 1926, as an example.

6+1+1926=1933 then I add 1+9+3+3=16 then finally 1+6=7

The "Seven Birth Force", in my opinion, is the most intriguing number of all. The most important thing to remember with the number 7 is that they are a mystery. The 7 is capable of seeing far beneath the naked eye, and it is an intuitive number. The 7 is an educator, they can be very shrewd, clever, analytical and reserved and thoughtful. The 7 is a fine example of someone who is capable of moving in 5th gear. Many famous actors and actresses have the 7 birth force because they are so clever. They must have time alone, as the 7 is like a live wire and they absorb others energies like a sponge absorbs fluid. They need to learn to relax, and to just spend time outdoors soaking up sunshine, doing yoga, meditating reading and reflecting as the 7 is a big Thinker, they think themselves to illness and can over analyze things. The 7 is very introverted and this is why they are so mysterious. I always tell my clients who are 7's to write their feelings down, or to express themselves through poetry, painting or writing. This way they have an outlet for themselves.

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OK, now I will discuss the "Eight Birth Force" and I will use Allison Dubois (the real medium's) date of birth, January 24, 1972, as the example:

1 + 24 + 1972=1997 then I add 1 + 9 + 9 + 7=26 then finally 2 + 6=8

The "Eight Birth Force" is a mental number and actually has one foot in the physical world and the spiritual world at all times. If you look at the 8 on it's side you can clearly see the infinity example. The 8 is a fine example of someone who moves in 5th gear and gets bored very easily. Like the 5, a "Eight Birth Force" usually has many irons in the fire. They do things on a large scale very easily. If they choose to use their capabilities in a positive way they are capable of having courage, self-discipline, position, recognition and authority in the world. The 8 is capable of accessing others very easily and they make very good judges of character. They are capable of great supervisory skills and knowing how to delegate work properly. They need to avoid being too bossy or greedy and opinionated.

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Finally, I will discuss the "Nine Birth Force" and use Psychic Medium John Edward's date of birth, October 19, 1969, as an example.

10 + 19 + 1969=1998 then we add 1 + 9 + 9 + 8=27 and finally 2 +7=9

The "Nine Birth Force" is another intuitive number and is a fine example of someone who moves very quickly. The 9 has more power in the tip of their baby fingers then most do in 10 life times. They can get along with everyone if they choose to because the 9 is actually an accumulation of all the numbers 1 - 9. They can have the gift of seeing spirit very easily if they choose to. They do have the capabilities of doing some sort of philanthropic service to mankind. They need to make sure to get plenty of fresh air and not to spend too much time alone as they can be prone to depression easily because as the 7 they are introverted and need to have an outlet for their deep emotions. I often tell my clients with a "Nine Birth Force" to make sure they get plenty of physical exercise to release their energy in a healthy way. They are very broadminded people and have a natural compassion for people and can manipulate others to do good or bad, the choice is theirs.

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